3 tricks to get into gear when motivation is low

Everyone has days when it is just too hard to get down to work. (Rawpixel pic)

Let’s face it, everyone has those days when getting into gear seems too much like hard work. Think about it, how many times have you delayed tasks just because you’re not in the mood for it?

And being a Monday, that sinking feeling of having the entire week stretched out in front of you after a relaxing weekend can be too much to handle.

The trick is to find that one thing that pushes you into working mode. Here are three ways to trick yourself into tackling the chores you are tempted to put off.

1. Start small

Getting started on the coding for a new webpage to present to the bosses in just a day can seem like a tall order.

So break it down, and start with some research on which coding works best. Or code a few smaller things before the lunch break. Or take a quick break to free your mind from work.

These are all small steps on a long journey but well worth the effort.

The usefulness of taking small steps is often underestimated but they are essential because they help get the individual into a work routine.

Start working small every other day and the workflow will become familiar and you will naturally want to start spending more time on the job at hand.

Eventually, you will be working at full steam. Small steps may seem negligible at first, but they are what eventually leads to completing the job.

2. Start sloppy

Why start sloppy? Perhaps the expectations of getting the work done are too immense to comprehend at this point. You want to exceed the sales target instead of barely reaching it.

But high expectations can put a lot of pressure on you, often more than you can sometimes handle. And as luck would have it, more pressure leads to more procrastination.

Avoid those expectations by starting deliberately “badly”. How? Reach out to anyone without considering anything – surely not a guarantee for success.

Realising you do not always have to push yourself to be the best from the start is highly motivating and makes it easier to get to work consistently without feeling like it.

3. Just do it!

A straightforward trick is to cast off all doubt, negative thoughts and take the leap. It’s a simple approach that can potentially inspire you to get straight to work instead of avoiding it.

If you find yourself believing you may fail at a task or not finish it in time, ignore that feeling and just do it! Put aside negativity and take that crucial step forward. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

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