Guitar-strumming globetrotter gets into Malaysia Book of Records

Jeshurun with his Malaysian Book of Records award. (Jeshurun pic)

PETALING JAYA: Musician Jeshurun Vincent was recently recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records for being the Malaysian who has travelled to the most countries. He has visited 102 countries in total.

Diagnosed at a young age with a hearing disability, this music lover sank into depression but eventually found solace in travelling.

Since 2014, Jeshurun has been journeying the world guitar in hand, sharing his story, hoping it would make a difference in people’s lives.

He said he had mixed feelings about receiving such an honour. “I wish my mother were here to witness this joyous occasion but, sadly, she died in April,” said Jeshurun.

The 33-year-old hopes this award will inspire others to make a difference with their lives.

Jeshurun has visited 102 countries, always with his eye-catching guitar case with the flags of all the countries he has visited on it. (Jeshurun pic)

Covid-19 and the resulting travel restrictions may have dampened his future travels but Jeshurun is grateful and he is looking at the positive side.

He said these few months have given him ample time to reflect on his past journeys and look at his own self-development and how to improve himself.

He is also using this opportunity to work on his second book about his journey to South America. His first book, “Into the Potter’s Hands” dealt with the trials he has faced in life.

The eager traveller has also drawn up plans and is waiting patiently for the day he can set out on his travels again.

“I was in Africa in January. My original plan was to travel via Egypt and head south to South Africa. I was in Burundi when I was told my mother was not well, so I took the first flight home. I would love to continue from where I stopped, which would be Tanzania.”

At first, Jeshurun was travelling and juggling a full-time job. But in June last year, he decided to become a full-time traveller, living off his savings.

Jeshurun with a group of children after a music session in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Jeshurun pic)

Fortunately, he has met many kind souls along the way who, once they heard his tale and about his purpose, helped him with the cost of his travels by purchasing flight or bus tickets. Many have also graciously hosted him in their homes.

Having travelled to 102 countries, Jeshurun humbly lives his life according to three simple but honest rules: Never ask for money, never try to gain sympathy to raise money and whatever money he has on hand is all he needs.