How to create a stylish laundry area in your home

A designated laundry area creates a smart and efficient space in the home. (Pixabay pic)

Most homes in Malaysia, whether landed or not, have a small utility area behind the kitchen, which is where the washing machine is dumped along with a foldable drying rack, with little thought to making the space attractive.

That is a shame, because some built-in cabinets can make the space look much more organised, even stylish!

There are a few things to consider when renovating the laundry area. If it is an enclosed space, have large windows to let in the sunlight. Make sure there is sufficient cabinet space for storage, a countertop for folding, a space for the washing machine and dryer, and a rail for drying clothes indoors if it rains.

A well-organised laundry area creates a smart and efficient space in the home, especially if the backyard area is small.

Add storage cabinets for detergent and other necessities. If there is space, a countertop with a built-in sink for easy rinsing is useful.

If the sunlight in the laundry area is strong, it could cause wooden or painted cabinets to discolour over time. Metal or aluminium cabinets stand up better to the sun.

Placing appliances on a platform makes it easier to keep the floor clean. (

Putting appliances on a raised platform will also make it easier to clean the floors. This Scandinavian inspired laundry design looks beautiful and minimal.

The wooden laminate shelving is water resistant, and makes the space appear brighter and much cleaner.

Instead of cabinet doors, it uses open shelving, putting all the laundry cleaners and towels within easy reach. Add a backsplash to match the countertop. It even has a folding door that completely hides the laundry area when not in use.

Custom-made cabinets are the best way to maximise the width of the balcony area in an apartment and can create space for a sink, hanging rails and even a plant or two to cheer the otherwise utilitarian space up.

Another space saver is to fit a strong hanging rail to the ceiling for drying clothes.

All white can make a cluttered laundry area look brighter and more spacious. (Pinterest pic)

The kitchen yard can get cluttered, especially if the washing machine needs to share the space with air conditioning compressors. To keep the space airy and bright, create an all-white yard with light floor tiles and white cabinets.

Instead of a sink and counter, an entire wall can be filled with cabinetry from top to bottom. Full height built-in cabinets offer plenty of space to store laundry items tidily away. Add a railing along the wall for drying small items.

L-shaped cabinets maximise the space. (

Create L-shaped cabinets to maximise the existing space. There is so much countertop space here, there is even space for potted plants, hanging towels or growing herbs.

Even if there is no solid wall to mount cabinets, create a functional laundry yard by tucking the washer inside a base cabinet for a more functional space.

And finally, a laundry yard does not have to use ceramic floor tiles. Laminate or vinyl flooring can be highly water-resistant, too. Use light colour tones to keep the space airy and bright.

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