Artist crafts ‘food’ earrings so lifelike, you’ll want to eat it

You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the pretty and colourful pau selections you can wear, but not eat. (Pic from Wee Lim)

PETALING JAYA: What’s the one thing that unites Malaysians? Their shameless love for food. Dare to diss rendang or nasi lemak and you’ll most definitely face the wrath of 32 million Malaysians who’ll be quick to put you in your place.

So what better way to honour Malaysia’s smorgasbord of heavenly food than to turn them into realistic, miniature ready-to-wear jewellery?

In a shop called KIWE, located at the Penang Hin Bus Depot, one talented artist has been churning out miniature food earrings that have dazzled customers no end. His recent creations, roast pork and nasi lemak, are driving customers absolutely wild with joy.

The roast pork jewellery is most lifelike with its crispy, crackling top while the nasi lemak earrings even come with a side of juicy chicken drumstick and a generous helping of mouth-watering sambal.

Show some love for roast pork with these delicious looking earrings. (Pic from Wee Lim)

Wee Lim, the man behind these delectable creations, told FMT that the inspiration for the roast pork earrings came after he was challenged by a friend to make it.

Wee, who is a huge fan of roast pork, used his time in quarantine during the movement control order to work on it. It was no easy feat, he said, as he had to continuously adjust and refine his product until he was finally satisfied with it.

Wee’s nasi lemak earrings is an ode to his hometown, Kuala Terengganu. (Pic from Wee Lim)

For his nasi lemak earrings, Wee drew inspiration from his hometown in Kuala Terengganu.

“Nasi lemak is a dish that is enjoyed by every single Malaysian and yes, there is nasi lemak in Penang, but the nasi lemak taste from my hometown has a whole different meaning and memory for me.

“Converting this dish to jewellery is more than just bringing our national dish to life, it reminds me of home.”

Wee was genuinely surprised to see such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to his latest creations and said he appreciates that these orders have been keeping him on his toes.

According to Wee, his products are made mainly from professional-grade material imported from the US. He uses polymer clay because it’s sturdy, light, waterproof and colourfast.

He also reassures that the metal in his jewellery is made of surgical stainless steel, that is waterproof, rustproof, allergy-free and even washable.

Have your fill of curry puffs all day with this yummy looking necklace. (Pic from Wee Lim)

This means you will be able to wear Wee’s delicious creations for long hours, every day!

Ever the modest artist, Wee says he owes his success to his girlfriend, who was the first person to inspire him to create miniature food products.

Joining forces, this ambitious couple sold their first creations in an art market before renting a pushcart at a shopping mall. Today they have their own store.

In the mood for something sweet? These M&M earrings will satisfy your cravings. (Pic from Wee Lim)

Any customer who steps into KIWE will be spoilt for choice. The wide range of miniature food jewellery includes all-time favourites like curry puffs, ang ku kueh, red bean pau, green bean pau, sushi and even eggs done sunny side up.

So popular has his food creations been that Wee even earned the moniker “Mr Donut” by customers after the release of his doughnut jewellery series.

In fact, his roast pork creation has sold out, undoubtedly to a slew of hungry Malaysians who love this dish as much as he.