MK, the ladoo-loving dog from the Temple of Fine Arts

MK flashing her wide smile.

MK was around seven to eight months old when she was found looking lost and alone on the grounds of the Temple of Fine Arts in Penang. It was clear she had been abandoned. But a kind couple who fell instantly in-love with her, decided to take her home.

How this little pup came to be called MK is rather amusing. It all happened when the couple brought the puppy along for a visit to an orphanage they regularly donated money to so the kids could play with her.

MK is fearless when it comes to the job of protecting her home.

Thrilled at the sight of a cute and cuddly pup, the kids said she should be called Meenakumari after a popular Tamil song called “En Peeru Meenakumari”. The couple agreed on condition the name be shortened to MK.

That was 10 years ago and MK has blossomed into a beautiful, confident and much-loved dog, the couple’s daughter Deepa says of the dog she was blessed to grow up with.

MK taking a breather yet still maintaining a distinct air of dignity.

“She eats everything except vegetables. She loves Indian food especially rice with sambar and Indian sweets too like ladoo. But we have to be careful with what we feed her because she currently has a skin condition that we’re monitoring.”

Like most dogs, thunder and fireworks scare her but she is feisty and fearless otherwise.

“She’s very intelligent and obedient too, and knows tricks such as ‘stay’ and ‘come’,” Deepa says with obvious pride.

MK likes to sit on Deepa’s lap and have her chest and neck scratched.

Regarded as a member of the family, MK and her sister Liya have the run of the house. As such, it’s normal to see MK sitting on the sofa watching TV with her dad or lounging in Deepa’s lap in the living room.

“Both dogs sleep in the same room as my parents. Sometimes they even climb into bed and cuddle with them,” Deepa says.

MK cherishes time at home with dad.

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