11 side gigs to help boost your income

The web offers myriad opportunities to earn extra income. (Rawpixel pic)

Looking to earn a little more money? If the nine-to-five job is not bringing in enough, taking on side gigs can help loads. There are a multitude of ways to set up a side income and here are 11 that are worth looking into.

1. Vending machines

It is easy to earn money by selling convenience items in vending machines, but it is a pretty high investment. A single unit may cost anything from RM15,000 to RM30,000.

2. Laundry machines

For a landlord, a coin-operated laundry machine business might be a good idea. The income from a laundry service would vary depending on the area chosen and the type of services provided.

3. Shopping rewards

Shopping apps can be a great way to earn passive income through regular purchases by getting cash-back-earning credit cards, special programmes or apps.

That being said, do not get carried away and overspend, which would defeat the purpose of trying to earn extra money. Use them for things that would have to be purchased regardless.

4. App creation

There are many innovations in the field of mobile app development and it has become straightforward to build an app and sell it to earn income. While it’s important to figure out who the clients are, the individual must identify which industries and markets interest them before getting started.

5. Art and design

Design artwork and build a network with interested clients or companies to print the designs on canvas, t-shirts, bags and other merchandise. One can take a cut of the profit from the merchandise or sell one’s designs on sites such as Fiverr, DeviantArt, BigCartel, Zazzle or 99Designs.

Putting one’s skills to work by teaching online courses can bring in extra money. (Rawpixel pic)

6. Online courses

Those with experience in a certain field who want to share their knowledge could give online courses.

This is the fastest and most impactful way to share knowledge and use it by turning expertise into an income earner, apart from demonstrating one’s skills in the industry.

Explore some of the top online course sites such as Udemy, Domestika and Futurelearn.

7. In-stream ads in videos

Those with skills in producing video content could make some income through in-stream ads in their video content. In-stream ads are essentially paid for short videos or images that are inserted into video content.

Checkout YouTube Partner Program for information on the possibilities to earn extra income through advertising revenue, channel membership, merchandise shelf and more.

8. Selling stock photos

Selling the rights for companies and interested parties to use one’s photographs can also be a great way to earn some income.

There is a wide range of stock agencies looking to purchase and feature photos on the web. The most prominent sites include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock, Alamy, Depositphotos and Dreamtime.

9. Vehicle ad space

Car owners can get paid to place advertisements on their car. Depending on the type of advertisement campaign, they usually run from two to six months. Prominent car wrapping companies include Mybump, Moola and more.

10. Website display ads

There are many ways to generate passive income on the web and one of the most lucrative is through website display ads. Either write a blog or create a website to display relevant ads for passive sales.

Check out Google AdSense to learn how to earn money from Google Ads.

11. Affiliate marketing (blogging)

Compared with most passive income methods, affiliate marketing is a low-cost way of making money online.

No time or money is spent developing a product or service, the simplest approach is through writing a blog and referring customers to e-commerce websites, who then pay a commission.

The top affiliate programmes in Malaysia are Lazada, Photobook, Zalora, EasyStore, Exabytes and Shopify.

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