Liya, the pottu-wearing pup who loves motorbike rides

Liya sporting the ‘pottu’, culturally regarded as a symbol of pride for Indian girls.

In her six short months of life, Liya has been blessed to experience love and kindness in all its forms thanks to Deepa’s family who adopted her soon after she was born.

“It was love at first sight,” Deepa says when describing the time the family went to see Liya and her siblings.

Today Liya is pretty much spoiled by everyone in the family including friends who drop by to visit the little puppy, Deepa says. “Everyone who visits us, coos and dotes on her, and everyone wants updates on how she’s doing.”

(L): Liya looking super adorable. (R): Deepa with Liya, who everyone in the family adores.

Like her older sister MK, Liya loves Indian food and laps up rice, curries, sambar – virtually anything you put in front of her.

Being a puppy, Liya has boundless stores of energy and loves to play with her soft toys. She does however have one strange fear. “It’s really weird how Liya is afraid of the laundry basket in our house,” Deepa says.

Liya looking pretty comfortable in Rutha’s arms.

But the one thing that thrills everyone no end is how much Liya loves going on motorbike rides. She’s a picture of calm as she sits on her hind legs on the seat, front paws resting on the machine as she focuses intently on the road ahead with a look of pure glee plastered on her face.

A super friendly and loving puppy, Deepa says Liya is the official alarm clock in the house, waking up her parents every morning by licking their faces. She also loves sitting beside them when they watch television.

Liya enjoying some ‘me time’ on the family swing.

Despite how young she is, Liya is already a great communicator. “When she wants to poop or pee, she’ll whine and my parents will know immediately that she needs to go outside,” Deepa says.

When she’s feeling restless, Liya loves nothing better than to traumatise her elder sister, MK by disturbing her. “She loves getting on MK’s nerves but I’m sure she means well,” Deepa says, laughing.

MK giving Liya a talking to for being naughty.

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