Reddit to release updated mobile app after clipboard privacy outcry

Social platforms are removing code from mobile apps which copied user clipboard contents. (Rawpixel pic)

SAN FRANCISCO: Reddit is among the list of companies that have been copying their mobile users’ clipboards without their knowledge.

Before iOS 14 even gets to the public beta stage, Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system is exposing how popular social websites have been invading user privacy under the radar by copying people’s clipboards without their awareness.

Over the weekend, Reddit told The Verge that they’re discontinuing the practice in response to the public’s concern.

Specifically, Reddit said, “We do not store or send the pasteboard contents. We removed this code and are releasing the fix on July 14th” in a statement to the media.

In addition to Reddit, iOS 14 has revealed that LinkedIn and TikTok have also engaged in a similar practice; however, both said last week that this will be discontinued.

With these changes implemented, such companies will no longer be able to read the contents of a user’s clipboard whether or not it was used to perform “equality checks,” as claimed by LinkedIn or to protect users from spam, as claimed by TikTok.

When iOS 14 is released to the public later this year, it’s likely that more companies and websites will come under fire for engaging in similar practices, which means that these entities have just a few weeks to correct the issue before being publicly called out for it.