Jasper, the ‘wise’ Schnauzer who acts like an old uncle

Jasper is a two-year-old Schnauzer with a wise face.

Meet Jasper, the Schnauzer with a little Terrier in him going by his big, bat-like ears. “He’s about two years old now, going on 100,” Camellia says, laughing because Jasper tends to act like such an old soul at times.

Camellia says that when her family was ready for a puppy, they decided to buy Jasper after a friend sent them a picture of him. “We fell in love with him from his picture.”

Camellia says she and her family fell instantly in love with Jasper when they saw his puppy pictures.

“He acts exactly like an old uncle: cranky, lazy but impossibly cute. Greedy too! Expect those puppy dog eyes in full force when you’re eating,” Camellia says.

Jasper is super greedy and makes no bones about letting you know it.

When he’s not making you feel guilty about eating in front of him, Jasper likes to busy himself by chewing on his toys and playing with Camellia and others in the family.

“However, he can be very short tempered. One time we threw his toy further than usual and he just lay down on the floor, refused to budge and gave us a look of utter disgust,” Camellia says.

Another favourite pastime of Jasper’s is sleeping. “He can sleep throughout the day. Oh, and he’s very ‘kaypoh’ – any noise from outside and his nose will be the first thing to jut out from the window.”

A light sleeper, Jasper wakes up at the slightest noise and will stick his nose out the window to check on what’s going on outside.

For a dog, Camellia says it’s surprising that Jasper absolutely LOVES to chomp on carrots and broccoli. “Steam them and he will gladly have those alone for every meal.”

Despite being a pretty happy-go-lucky sort of guy, Jasper is afraid of Camellia’s mum and behaves himself in her presence. He also detests baths and is afraid of going to the vet and the groomers, poor fella.

“He knows a few tricks like ‘hand’, ‘high 5’, ‘fetch’ and ‘stay’. We TRIED to teach him more but he will just lay down and flash us his signature look of disgust again,” Camellia says.

While Jasper is a very affectionate dog with the family, he can be fierce when meeting new people. “But if you have some sort of food with you, Jasper will be your new best friend,” Camellia says, laughing.

He has his own bed but prefers snuggling up to a warm human body in bed. “We can’t even change our sleeping position at night, because he’s beside us like a deadweight, fast asleep.

Jasper knows how to rest his head on the pillow like a human when he’s sleeping.

“All in all, Jasper has brought a lot of joy (and other things like backaches) into our lives,” Camellia says.

She related one “true story” about the time Jasper went missing and caused such alarm at home.

“We just couldn’t find him. Seriously! My sister and I thought he probably went out with my brother. We called his name repeatedly and every time we did, we heard what sounded like a whine.”

They dismissed the sound however, as the whirring of an old fan. They even looked for him downstairs… no sign of Jasper at all. They started to seriously worry.

Looking absolutely angelic.

“We went upstairs once more and once again heard that weird whining sound when they called his name. We rushed back downstairs one more time and guess what?

“Jasper was hiding among my books underneath the staircase. Why? Because he had accidentally pooped at the front door and KNEW it was wrong. He was so apologetic about it that he stood there with his tail between his legs,” Camellia says.

“How can anyone be angry at that?”

Fast asleep between the pillows.

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