Don’t try these popular TikTok dance routines at home

Some 18% of surveyors have admitted that they have damaged household items while trying to recreate a TikTok dance. (AFP pic)

LONDON: While quarantine boredom has inspired many to try their hand at popular TikTok choreography, a new survey warns that these viral dance routines may cause damage to our houses.

The report, conducted by Compare The Market with 2,000 British users of the app, reveals that 18% of surveyors have admitted that they have damaged household items while trying to recreate a TikTok dance.

Although extremely popular among millennials and members of Generation Z, “Savage,” “Something New” and “Lean With It” are the riskiest routines to recreate at home.

According to the survey, it is not uncommon to make a hole in a wall, or smash windows when practicing “The Savage.”

Popularized in January by TikTok’s reigning queen Charli D’Amelio, “The Box” is also said to have caused serious damage around the houses of those who have attempted it. To this date, the dance has reportedly been reproduced by over two million users around the globe.

Another risky choreography is the popular “Git Up,” which made its appearance on TikTok in May 2019. The dance routine came to life after half-brothers Ajani Huff and Davonte House filmed themselves dancing to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” in a gazebo.

Surveyed TikTok users admitted to having broken an electrical item like a TV or iPad, as well as damaging ornaments and soft furnishings while rehearsing these choreographies.

Much to the surprise of veteran TikTok users, “The Renegade” and “Can’t Touch This” seem to be among the safest choreographies to recreate around the house.

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Although entertaining to watch, the survey points out that TikTok dance routines cost an average of £340 in household damage.

Six percent of those surveyed, who caused damage to their property while recreating one of the app’s choreographies, revealed that they had to spend more than £2,000 on repairs.

“To avoid damage in your home, try to give yourself plenty of space when practicing a routine. Or head outdoors if the weather permits.

“It is also worth checking your home and contents insurance to ensure you’re covered for the cost of any damage that may arise,” Chris King, Head of home insurance at Compare The Market, advised in a statement.