Apple launches tools to help educators teach students coding

Apple is increasing the number of coding course offerings for students and educators. © Courtesy of Apple

CUPERTINO: In response to the demand for computer science instructors in the US increasing at all grade levels, Apple has announced a handful of new tools for educators to help them teach coding to students and also gain expertise in the practice.

In addition to these academic offerings, the company also said that it is releasing “resources for educators and parents to help ensure they have the tools they need to help students learn and grow from anywhere.”

While Develop in Swift has been designed for students in high school or college who are newbies or experienced coders, Everyone Can Code will introduce Swift to grade school students through games and puzzles.

The books required for both courses are (or will be) available via Apple Books for free.

To complement these programs, the company has also launched a free professional learning course for educators called Develop in Swift, which “helps instructors of all skill levels build foundational knowledge to teach app development with Swift.”

Additionally, for parents who want to support their kids in developing such computer science skills, Apple is releasing A Quick Start to Code, a series of brief challenges to familiarise people with programming.

With these additions and curriculum enhancements, Apple is essentially offering computer science training to anyone interested, regardless of their level in the field.

These and more information and computer science resources can be found on the company’s dedicated K-12 Education page and Develop in Swift page.