Meet Sosej, the super cool café cat

Sosej has been officially adopted by the kind people at VCR Café.

Sosej is unlike the other cats who straggle along the streets of her neighbourhood. Although she comes and goes freely like them, Sosej actually has a home, well café, after the kind people at VCR Café adopted her.

Josephine Lee, who works at the cafe says, “VCR is not your ordinary coffee house around the corner of the street. Our cats are strongly associated with our brand.

“Therefore, people will randomly leave strays around the area, knowing we will care for them. And Sosej is no exception.”

Sosej was left near VCR Café as a kitten and now has become the brand ambassador.

Josephine says that Sosej was left there when she was a timid kitten. “She got her name by the shape of her tail, rounded and thick – just like a sausage.”

The little kitten’s confidence as she got older and before long Sosej had become the favourite cat in VCR Café because of her cute personality.

“She doesn’t mess things up like the others and she likes to stick around with the ‘hoomans’,” Josephine says.

Sosej is well loved by everyone.

“She was brought up in the office and she loves to hang around near the computer monitor as if she has the ability to decode complex computer programmes. She also has a tissue fetish,” Josephine says, laughing.

“She’s one greedy foodie too! Always begging for food by flashing those innocent kitten eyes,” Josephine says, adding that on many occasions the sneaky Sosej has quietly helped herself to the staff’s food without them even knowing until it is too late.

Sosej loves spending time in the office and occasionally sleeps on the job.

“But she always gives us that guilty innocent look when we catch her red-handed, so none of us have the heart to stay angry with her for long.”

Josephine says Sosej has just become a mom of three. “When her kittens are misbehaving, she is quick to discipline them. She’s a good mom.”

Sosej has just become a mother of three.
Having a power nap.

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