PD’s ostrich farm makes a great outing for all in the family

The ostrich farm is a great place for the children to get rid of some of their excess energy.

The Movement Control Order (MCO) has been partially lifted and the country is in the Recovery MCO, or RMCO.

It has been hard for everyone to be cooped up at home all day for weeks, but more so for the children.

So, a day trip to Port Dickson to visit an ostrich farm seemed like a nice, safe outing for the whole family.

Port Dickson Ostrich Show Farm

The Port Dickson Ostrich Show Farm is a short drive, about an hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur, at the 9th mile along the main road, near Pantai Purnama.

It is a good place to spend an enjoyable day, interacting with the many animals there without the fear of contracting Covid-19.

The animals are outdoors and the operators of the farm strictly follow all the government-mandated SOPs.

There are many activities on offer, including racing with an ostrich. The winner was of course a foregone conclusion because ostriches are the fastest running animals on two legs. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to run with these exotic birds.

Next on the agenda was an all-terrain vehicle ride around the fields, which children will really enjoy. Torture testing an ostrich egg by standing on it was next and, surprisingly, a person weighing 55 kg can stand on an ostrich egg without it breaking.

The writer makes an omelette with one ostrich egg which is the equivalent of 20 chicken eggs.

But there is no making an omelette without breaking an egg and that was next. One ostrich egg equals 20 chicken eggs and contains 2,000 calories with 47% protein. It was delicious though, and the entire family loved it.

There are also satay and other delicacies made from ostrich meat on offer at the farm. It might not be a part of the regular diet but trying it can be a real experience.

A well-deserved family outing

The entrance fee is only RM20 per person for Malaysian adults and RM25 for foreigners and less for children.

For youngsters who have been cooped up for weeks, the ostrich farm is a great place to run around and expend some excess energy.

Apart from the ostriches, there is a petting zoo of domestic and farm animals in the 20-acre grounds as well as a jungle walk and statues of dinosaurs to enjoy.

Well worth a second visit. The children can hardly wait.

Erika Peres is a mother of two energetic boys. She is an entrepreneur who has founded and run companies in South America and Asia and is currently a director at multiple companies. With a passion for sports and lifestyle, she has created a number of activity programmes for children. She is a regular contributor to magazines and blogs.