The top 10 attractions of Seychelles

Anse Source D’Argent is the world’s most photographed beach.

Seychelles is a true tropical paradise with beautiful white sand beaches, granite beachside boulders, creole curries and rich culture. There are many reasons to travel to Seychelles.

Here are the top 10.

1. Beautiful white sandy beaches

One of the main reasons to travel to Seychelles is its beautiful white sandy beaches, ideal for chilling out.

The best part is there are no private beaches, so, even if visitors are not guests, they get to enjoy the beaches maintained by the five-star hotels.

2. Boulder formations beyond imagination

The Islands of Seychelles are known for their picturesque boulder formations.

The islands are known for the picturesque boulders dotting the land and seascape. These beautiful formations are everywhere, be it by the beach or by the roadside.

3. World’s most-photographed beach

Seychelles has the world’s most photographed beach. Anse Source D’argent has a unique combination of beautiful boulders and white sandy beach.

There is an entry fee to spend the day but it is well worth it — take some pictures, go for a dip or do some snorkelling.

4. World’s most beautiful beach

Anse Lazio is another superlative beach.

Seychelles hosts not one but two of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Anse Lazio does not have uniquely shaped boulders but it has beautiful white sand and turquoise blue water. The area is also rich in marine life.

5. Home of the Coco de Mer

Seychelles is the home of the Sexy Nut, also known as Coco de Mer, a rare species of palm tree found only on Seychelles Praslin Island.

The nut is famous because of its unique shape, resembling human private parts. It is illegal to eat them but if one happens to fall on someone’s property the owner can.

6. Home of the Aldabra giant tortoise

Another exciting reason to travel to Seychelles is the Aldabra giant tortoise. They are originally from Aldabra atoll, one of the islands that make up the archipelago.

They can easily be found roaming around La Digue or take a boat ride to Curieuse Island to see them.

7. Sunsets like nowhere else

The sunsets of Seychelles are an explosion of colour.

African sunsets are famous for the colours and Seychelles, being off the African coast, is no different. The sunsets here are epic because of the explosion of pinks and violet shades in the sky.

8. Tropical forests

Seychelles is a true paradise with its rich tropical forests. There are many forest walks where one can enjoy the flora and fauna with many rare plants and trees, birds and other wildlife. Anyone who loves the forest will love these walks.

9. Food

The food is one reason to travel to Seychelles and exploring the local cuisine is a must. Don’t miss the famous tomato and coconut-based Creole fish curry served with rice.

10. People

The people of Seychelles are fun-loving, happy and helpful. The main language spoken is French, but if the visitor cannot speak it, everyone tries to help out and the operators of the various accommodations are ever ready with tips to enrich one’s stay.

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