Meet the unlikely trio of Bruno, Daisy and Whinnie

Bruno, Whinnie and Daisy are the happy trio who live with Dr Somas and Dr Mehala.

Dr Somas and Dr Mehala have two dogs and a cat that live together in perfect harmony. “Many people are amazed at this but the answer is that harmony exists because the dogs understand that the cat is the boss,” Dr Somas says, laughing.

The eldest among them is Bruno, a charming little mongrel with some terrier blood who wandered into their house about eight years ago.

Bruno is eight years old and wandered into the doctors’ home one day and adopted them as his family.

“He is very intelligent and has a smiley, expressive face and can communicate very well. He loves to lie at our feet and sunbathe while we read and relax in the garden patio,” says Dr Mehala.

Bruno loves going for walks and sometimes decides to run out of the gate, to go for a walk on his own.

“He is not picky about food but being a true Malaysian, his favourite breakfast is nasi lemak. The aroma of cakes or muffins baking gets Bruno excited as he cannot wait to eat and is usually the first one to sample the cake,” Dr Mehala says.

Daisy is a six-year-old, half-Persian tortoiseshell adopted from the SPCA.

Two years after Bruno came to live with the two doctors, Daisy joined the family. She was adopted from the SPCA.

“She is a gorgeous half-Persian tortoiseshell. She is arrogant and haughty and didn’t waste time putting Bruno in his place,” Dr Somas says.

Dr Mehala says Daisy too loves spending time with them when they sit at the patio but that this irritates Bruno as he considers it his territory.

Daisy loves to spend time with her family at the patio.

“When he shows his displeasure, Daisy doesn’t hesitate to smack him on the nose,” the doctor says.

“Daisy likes to cuddle up and sleeps with us at night but unfortunately wakes up at 4 am daily and demands to go down for breakfast. Daisy is also a wonderful companion for our daughter and is always beside her while she does her homework,” Dr Somas says.

Daisy also loves keeping the doctors’ daughter company as she completes her homework.

Finally, four years ago the two doctors adopted Whinnie at Occupy Beach Street where puppies were put up for adoption.

“She is a beautiful mongrel with a soft and gentle nature. Although she is a big dog now, she is frightened of Daisy and keeps a safe distance from her,” Dr Somas says.

Whinnie has a gentle nature but is a little frightened of the fierce and bold Daisy.

She loves going for long walks with Bruno and playing with him. The two dogs are very loving and during a walk if one stops the other will stop and wait until he or she catches up.

“Our pets bring us much joy and happiness and complete our home. It is said that having pets has multiple health benefits as well,” Dr Mehala says.

Whinnie adores her big brother Bruno.

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