Learning the ropes of water-skiing

Erika Peres (right) with Asian water-skiing champion Aaliya Yoong Hanifah in Putrajaya. (Erika Peres pic)

Water skiing is a thrilling sport but it is not something the first-timer can attempt on their own without the supervision of a trained professional.

In this case, Asian water-skiing champion Aaliya Yoong Hanifah was on hand to impart the basics of the sport. The lesson was held at the Putrajaya Waterski School.

This school was started way back in 2008 and is presently run by the Malaysian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (MWWF) and its affiliate, the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup Sdn Bhd.

Every year many beginners, as well as experts, come here to learn and to enjoy this sporting activity. In fact, the MWWF has produced many world-class and Asian-level water skiers.

While it is the centre of training for the national athletes of MWWF, families too are welcome to enjoy a day out and try their hand at water skiing.

As a regular person trying out such a different kind of sport for the first time, give yourself enough time to learn and understand the techniques and the mechanisms involved.

This is a sport that is close to nature. You can water ski outdoors amidst natural surroundings. And Putrajaya is an amazingly beautiful place to try this out.

Before starting your lesson, prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead. Water skiing is a difficult and demanding sport so be patient with yourself.

You will soon realise that it takes at least four sessions before you feel confident and strong enough to give it a go in the water.

The sport of water skiing demands a lot of arm and leg strength. So, arm and leg workout enthusiasts will find this course quite useful.

All in all, it is a super fun activity that you can try with your family or by yourself. Note that you need to make prior booking to visit this place because a lot of water ski lovers gather here.

October to March is the peak season when water skiers from all over the world congregate to enjoy this activity in Malaysia.

To make your appointment just WhatsApp Aaliya at +60174901948, stating your starting date, preferred time and the duration of training you wish to attend.

So time to put your fears aside and just give this wonderful sport a try – it will surely be an experience to remember.

Watch Erika trying her hand at water-skiing in her video on Instagram.

Erika Peres is a mother of two energetic boys. She is an entrepreneur who has founded and run companies in South America and Asia and is currently a director at multiple companies. With a passion for sports and lifestyle, she has created a number of activity programmes for children. She is a regular contributor to magazines and blogs.