Hero, the dog who loves to ‘eat, sleep and repeat’

Hero loves to eat and eats to live.

Hero lives by the motto “Eat, sleep and repeat”. He was adopted from off the streets by Gurvin and her family after someone threw bricks at the innocent puppy, injuring his back legs.

Despite nursing him back to health, Hero never regained the use of his back legs and is now an adult dog who is permanently paralysed.

However, this plucky canine is grateful for every day that he wakes up in his forever home where he is showered with an abundance of kindness and love.

His main priorities in life are eating and sleeping.

He is very attached to Gurvin’s mother and somewhat possessive of her too. He gets anxious if anyone in the family tries to hug her or kiss her in his presence and will do everything he can to intervene and keep that person away.

Gurvin says it’s probably because her mother is the one who feeds him every day.

Hero guards the table if there’s food on it so don’t even think for a minute you can get past him without some struggle.

Hero is so caught up with everything and anything to do with food that he’ll go to great lengths to “guard” the table if there’s food on it or keep others out of the kitchen if Gurvin’s mother is cooking.

“Food is definitely his bae and he’s got a big appetite. He’s just such a foodie. He loves to eat and he wants it more when he can’t get it from our plate,” says Gurvin.

Apart from eating to his heart’s content, Hero loves nap time. “When he sleeps, it has to be on his special pink bed! Yup, he loves his pink bed with all his little doggie heart!”

A rather territorial dog by nature, Hero is very fierce when he’s at home and quite the opposite when he steps out the gate. “He becomes a very timid dog when he’s out. Well, I guess home is his fortress,” says Gurvin.

Hero loves to sleep on his very own pink pillow.

One thing that truly irks and frightens Hero is the ordeal of getting a bath. “You can’t say the word ‘mandi’ because he’ll disappear in a flash. He also hates visiting the vet to see ‘doctor uncle’.”

Unlike other dogs who know tricks like “sit”, “stay”, “come”, Hero has learned the useful trick of functioning as the house mop. “He could lick the floor clean when any food spills or splatters on it. He’s our very own mop.”

He may have his quirky ways but Hero is much loved by everyone in Gurvin’s family. “He’s definitely a Hero to survive his trauma and has brought so much joy to our lives.”

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