Fatboi, the loving kitty with a jealous streak

Fatboi looks all macho and unfeeling but he’s a very loving kitty.

Nurul Assyiqin received the best ever birthday present two and half years ago when her husband gifted her with Fatboi, a darling kitten, who Nurul jokingly says is of a rare breed called “mix munchkin”.

Nurul remembers Fatboi as a clingy kitten, always following her around, sitting on her lap, playing with her and mainly just loving being in her company.

He however, hardly bothered about her husband, happy to ignore him most of the time unless there was something specific he wanted from his human dad.

All that changed however when Nurul became pregnant with her first child. Fatboi, also called Peboi, suddenly started behaving differently, totally ignoring her from that point on.

No more kisses, no more I-love-yous. “No more waiting for me to come back from work, and no longer talking to me with his sweet meows and soft purrs,” Nurul says, remembering how much she missed him then.

Instead, Fatboi decided to make Nurul’s husband his best buddy.

Fatboi has a jealous streak which he’s trying hard to overcome.

Puzzled at this complete turnabout in his personality, Nurul did some research and was surprised to find out that Fatboi was actually jealous about having a newcomer join his family.

“I read that Fatboi was jealous of this new soul I was carrying in my belly,” Nurul said, clearly stunned at this revelation.

But being a loving cat by nature, Fatboi still loved Nurul and showed her so in his own feline way.

“Like he’ll be watching me from afar when I’m having morning sickness. He will also station himself at the door like a security guard if I’m sleeping alone because my husband’s still at work. He also sits outside the bathroom when I take my bath.”

She says Fatboi has slowly come to terms with her pregnancy and now that she’s almost due, her darling kitty is almost back to his normal loving self. “He’s let me kiss him again!”

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