Cooper the Maltese loves playing dress-up

Cooper the Maltese looking dashing wearing a bow clip.

Cooper is a one-and-a-half-year-old Maltese who loves playing dress-up. Whether it’s clips in his hair or wearing his pyjamas to bed, Cooper patiently sits through it all.

He’s also very playful and quite the attention-getter and likes to throw his toys in front of you as an invitation to play with him.

“He’s very dramatic. If you’re too busy to ‘entertain’ him, he’ll just drop his toy from his mouth and stand there looking at you with his super sad eyes along with some ‘crocodile tears’ that he’ll muster up,” Yen Rao Yan Ting says.

Cooper and Yen Rao Yan Ting.

Yen says Cooper loves playing with his soft plush toys especially those that make a squeaky sound. “He’ll keep making that squeaky sound until he gets your attention and you play with him.”

Cooper loves going outdoors and when he senses a trip outside, he quickly jumps into any bag lying around whether he can fit it or not. He also remembers to grab his favourite toy to take along with him, Yen says.

“When he’s outside, hardly anyone realises there’s a dog inside the bag. That’s because he’s so quiet, calm and obedient – so unlike how he behaves at home. He’s known to many as ‘the dog who lives in a bag’ because he seems so content to sit inside the bag or basket he’s in.”

Cooper loves travelling in a bag and sits quietly and obediently in it.

Cooper loves his food. “Everything he sees, he eats,” Yen says, adding that his favourites are carrots, cabbage and eggs.

When Yen has her dinner, Cooper will sit in front of his bowl, begging for some food to be put into it. “No one can resist his determination in asking for food because he’ll beg with tears in his eyes,” Yen says.

If there’s one thing Cooper despises, it’s visiting the vet. “It’s traumatic for him because he was hospitalised and put on a drip when he was just three months old due to a bacterial infection.”

Yen says that during a recent vaccination at the vet’s, Cooper cried so loudly that even the doctor remarked what a “drama queen” and “attention seeker” he was.

Drama aside, Cooper is super intelligent and obedient. He knows many tricks because he’s a fast learner. At only three months old, he knew how to patiently pose for pictures no matter how long it took.

(L): Cooper looking absolutely adorable holding his bowl in his mouth. (R): Cooper all dressed for a night on the town.

He also knows how to hold food in his mouth or balance it on his head without eating or dropping it until he hears Yen say “OK”.

A super friendly dog, Cooper has his favourite humans and is not shy to ask for loads of cuddles and kisses when he sees them. He also understands the word “kiss” and should you say this out loud, be prepared to have Cooper licking your lips in a frenzy.

“There’s only one thing he dislikes – aggression. If anyone acts aggressively towards me, Cooper goes into protective mode and will start barking ferociously. Otherwise, he’s a happy-go-lucky boy,” Yen says.

Cooper is a super patient and obedient and is known to pose for however long it takes to get his picture taken.

Night time is special for Cooper as he gets to sleep in Yen’s bed. If Yen’s busy with work but Cooper is tired, he’ll happily sleep in his own bed until Yen is ready.

“Cooper has a bedtime routine. When it’s his bed time, he will start playing with his squeaky toys first, then get into his pyjamas before jumping into bed.

“He wears baby’s rompers to bed every night and sleeps until I wake up. He never fusses. I wake up every morning with Cooper sleeping on my chest with the butt facing my face,” Yen says.

You can follow Cooper’s exploits here.

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