Meet the ‘hamily’ of happy hamsters

Waffles is super intelligent and the escape artist of the ‘hamily’.

Shirleen See is the proud momma of six adorable hamsters who make up her “hamily”.

They are all adoptees of varying ages and breeds and have different personality traits that make them unique from one another.

Here is a rundown on Waffles, Pancake, Peanut, Mochi, Nugget and Pudding.

Waffles, pictured above, is super intelligent and the escape artist of Shirleen’s “hamily”. She is one year old but wise and rather cheeky.

Pancake is Waffles’ sister.

Unlike her sister Waffles, Pancake is rather timid, but still longs for the human touch. So, she’s open to being caressed and held which is always good for human-hamster bonding.

Waffles and Pancake are one year old.

According to Shirleen, Waffles and Pancake are very clingy. “They want to snuggle with their humans all the time, and they love to zoom around the house – under supervision, of course.”

Nugget is the only male in the ‘hamily’ and a feisty one at that.

Nugget is of the Campbell breed of hamsters and being the only male, is the most aggressive of the lot despite being only six months old.

“He constantly tries to bite me and these aren’t loving nibbles,” Shirleen says. Because of this she wears special gloves whenever she handles him.

Peanut is a Roborovski hamster.

Peanut and Mochi are sisters and only eight months old. They are the most skittish of the lot and are dubbed “aquarium hamsters”, as they are of the “look but not touch” breed called Roborovski.

Mochi is a Roborovski hamster as well.

Pudding (pictured below) is of the Winter White breed of hamsters and being the youngest at only two months, is the most curious of them.

“She’s very ‘kepoh’, always comes out to investigate any sound, but is smart enough to be cautious when doing so,” Shirleen says.

Pudding is known as a Winter White.

“They’re all afraid of sudden light. They quickly burrow or run into their hideouts if you switch on the lights suddenly. They also do the same when there’s a sudden loud sound.”

Shirleen is serious about making her hamsters comfortable by recreating their natural habitat as much as she possibly can.

“I’ve always looked up to the style of German hamster care, where they create the enclosures as close as possible to their natural habitats, to stimulate the natural instincts of a hamster.

“This means a minimum size of 450 square inches of unbroken floor space, a wheel at least 21 cm in diameter so it doesn’t bend their backs while running (25 cm for Syrian hamsters), a minimum of 15-17 cm of bedding as hamsters are burrowers, scatter feeding,” Shirless explains.

Shirleen’s ‘hamily’ lives in spacious enclosures that mimic their natural surroundings as much as possible.

She says that there must also be a variety of oat, flax and sorghum stalks to allow for their natural behaviour such as foraging as well as various toys for enrichment and chewing.

“I first adopted Waffles and Pancake in August last year, and since then I’ve been through two wire cages, plastic storage boxes, DIY boxes and finally the current DIY, 76 cm x 68 cm, made of polyplast corrugated boards and clear acrylic, held firmly together by hot glue (which is so much cheaper and spacious than store-bought ones).

All Shirleen’s hamsters love their treats, especially Gerber’s Blueberry baby puffs and fruits like strawberries and blueberries.

“All possible thanks to the extra time because of the MCO,” Shirleen says with a laugh.

Shirleen says all the hamsters are housed in separate enclosures as they are solitary animals by nature and are quite content living alone.

“I never had hamsters prior to getting Waffles and Pancake, and it was in fact my husband who ignited my love for hamsters,” Shirleen says.

You can follow Shirleen’s “crazy hammy shenanigans” here.

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