Move aside Defenders and Broncos, the Chinese are here

The new Hongguang X by Wuling Motors.

If you’ve never heard of Wuling Motors, well you’re not alone. Even those in the automotive industry hadn’t heard of them until teaser images popped into their email inboxes a few days ago.

This is yet another Chinese car brand that has suddenly emerged on the scene and Wuling Motors is selling their current range of SUVs and MPVs in Indonesia.

Wuling Motors recently teased its new Hongguang X concept at the 2020 Chengdu Auto Show. With its bold, chunky design, this is perhaps a sign for what is to come for the Chinese automaker.

The Hongguang X is the latest product born from the joint venture between Wuling Motors, GM China and SAIC.

Often abbreviated as SGMW, this Chinese-American joint venture has been primarily focused on producing MPVs and passenger cars at the lower end of the price bracket.

Incidentally, SGMW is also one of the largest producers of micro-vans in China.

The Hongguang name meanwhile, has actually featured on a compact MPV for some years now, but Wuling today is attempting to target the higher-end SUV market with this new Hongguang X concept.

Its exterior design is certainly a departure from its predecessors of the same name.

The X-shaped headlights most likely highlight the ‘X’ in Hongguang X.

At the front, a large, square, gloss black grille is flanked by two large LED lights set within the front bumper. The X-shaped headlights most likely highlight the “X” in Hongguang X.

Above these lights are yet another strip of LED illuminations, separated by a chrome trim that runs along the entire front of the car with the chrome Wuling emblem placed proudly in the middle of it.

The front end design does borrow from the styling cues of GM’s Chevrolet Blazer. Or if searching for an example closer to home, the Mitsubishi Triton.

The X-shaped headlights most likely highlight the ‘X’ in Hongguang X.

The boxy slab-sided profile of this large SUV is similar to that of the Land Rover Defender 110.

A large triangular body-coloured C pillar, with a cheeky little decorative vent, that runs across the top of the black roof invokes the design of a roll hoop while the massively flared wheel arches hide beneath it equally massive black alloy wheels wearing road-biased tires.

Going along with the red and black theme, the candy red paintwork contrasts nicely with the matt black plastic trim around the wheel arches, sills and the roof.

The suicide doors are a nice touch too but then again, this feature is highly unlikely to make it into the production models.

Smoked LED tail lights are also set into the bodywork just like the front lights.

At the rear, you will find a rear light bar that runs across the entire rear of the Hongguang X, something quite common in car design nowadays.

On either side there are smoked LED tail lights that are also set into the bodywork, as per the front lights. On the roof, there are two additional red LED strips, a mirror image of the front which have twin LED roof light strips.

As this is only a concept car, there has been no mention of powertrain combinations, or even interior shots for that matter due to the blacked-out windows.

However, with Wuling planning to go global this year, maybe this stylish looking SUV will make its way here in production form soon.

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