Bentley Flying Spur launches for RM1 mil before taxes

The new Bentley Flying Spur.

No big fancy event, no champagne, no Instagram posts, no online influencers present, no motoring media invited and no high society red carpet event like with previous Bentley launches in Malaysia.

With a database of the wealthy Malaysians already in their hands, Wearnes Quest only needs to invite the necessary high net worth Malaysians to their showrooms to get the order book for this super luxury sedan filled for the first shipment of cars.

This time around, Bentley’s brand guardians in Malaysia has quietly brought in this flagship sedan into their Kuala Lumpur showroom and released the much-needed information and selling price to the Malaysian media.

The new Flying Spur First Edition starts from RM1,066,900 before Malaysian duties and taxes are added on.

So, why not share the full selling price with duties and taxes paid like with most new cars sold in Malaysia?

The interior of the new Bentley Flying Spur.

Well, it is a given fact that most super luxury cars in Malaysia like the Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, McLaren and even some Porsches are sold to Malaysians tax-free and they “park” their tax free cars in Langkawi to “age” them to get the tax lowered and only after a number of months they bring their cars back to the mainland and enjoy great savings.

Meanwhile the average Malaysian pays full tax for their cars. Good scheme, right?

This Flying Spur is the First Edition model and it is the ultimate luxury Grand Tourer sedan, offering the perfect fusion of performance-orientated agility and exclusive four-door, limousine-style comfort.

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