Meet Tucson Prime, Hyundai Brazil’s star dog employee

Tucson Prime is a mascot dog currently living and working at a Hyundai showroom in Espirito Santo, Brazil. (Instagram pic)

With the toll that the Covid-19 pandemic is taking on the economies of countries all around the world, many businesses are struggling and are cutting costs by retrenching employees.

But amidst all the misery, one Hyundai showroom in Espirito Santo, Brazil made the unusual decision to take on a new employee.

Unusual, not due to the current economic state, but rather the fact that the new employee walks on all fours and barks.

Tucson was previously a street dog who was found lingering around the showroom. (Instagram pic)

Tucson Prime is the newest hire of the showroom and he literally has an ID card to prove that he is a working dog.

While he may not be able to take customers on a test drive, Tucson is nonetheless drawing attention online for his adorable antics.

Customers have been flocking to the showroom not so much to examine the vehicles but to catch a glance of the canine salesman doing his rounds.

He was taken in by the showroom manager and the staff began to grow fond of him. (Instagram pic)

His hiring came about as a result of his impressive display of persistence during his previous stint as a street dog.

At the beginning of this year, he made his debut appearance at the showroom and on one stormy night, the sympathetic showroom manager decided to let him in to stay.

At first, the staff were expecting him to wander off after a few days, but he hung around long enough that they grew fond of him.

A decision was made to make Tucson Prime an honorary employee of the showroom. (Instagram pic)

A suggestion to adopt the dog as a mascot for the showroom was accepted and has since been propelled to social media attention.

Since May, Tucson Prime has been a hardworking employee of the showroom who occasionally draws in visitors who are not interested in getting a car, but giving him a pat.

Last week, the official Instagram page for Hyundai Brazil also made a post introducing Tucson to the world.

Tucson enjoys a quiet moment with a fellow canine friend in his office. (Instagram pic)

The caption in Brazilian Portuguese reads, “Meet Tucson Prime, the sales dog at the Hyundai Prime dealership. The new member is about a year old, was welcomed by the #Hyundai family, and has already won over co-workers and customers.”

It also mentioned how at first, the showroom staff were just wanting to give the dog a roof over its head, but his friendly nature and ability to handle customers were a cause to hire him.

With everything going for him, it seems Tucson is poised to be Hyundai Brazil’s most popular employee.