Meet Thambi, the cheeky canine who loves to steal shoes

Thambi is a cheeky dog who loves to steal shoes.

He may look the picture of innocence but Priyadharshene says her dog Thambi is one cheeky canine who has taken the art of stealing to new levels of excellence.

So slick is Thamby at his craft that he has leant how to slide open the shoe cabinet and help himself to a selection of the family’s shoes to chew on. He’s not fussy either – sneakers, slippers, stilettos or wedges, each is fair game for him.

Thambi loves getting his belly rubbed.

When he tires of shoes, he happily steals other objects – gloves, boots and T-shirts from a construction site nearby, and if he’s feeling particularly mischievous that day, he’ll sneak over to the neighbour’s house and steal their dog’s toys as well.

Although almost two years old, Thambi has a lot of “puppy” in him still and is easily amused at most things. He likes rolling on the carpet for no particular reason and gets a kick out of rolling all over the serai plant in the garden as well.

Flashing a big and happy smile.

“Another favourite pastime of Thambi’s is jamming his head through the bars of the front gate so he can bark at people passing by.

“He’s an intelligent if somewhat goofy but happy and always loving dog. He’s pretty brave too,” Priyadharshene says.

She says Thambi showed up at her house one day, after her older dog “adopted” the stray puppy and brought him home.

Thambi during a car ride – it’s the highlight of his day.

Thambi loves car rides and is lucky enough to go on one every day. He also loves cuddling with Priyadharshene’s dad.

“For some strange reason that only he knows, Thambi likes howling at different intervals throughout the day,” Priyadharshene says.

Thambi looking somewhat pensive.

She says she suspects that Thambi may have had some bad experiences when he was a stray pup because he gets visibly scared of sudden or threatening movements.

But apart from these, Thambi is pretty much a happy-go-lucky pup who is friendly to people and other animals.

He also is smart and has learned the commands “sit”, “hand shake” and “come”.

“At night, he loves to crawl into his ‘bakul’ in the porch and sleep on this stinky blanket,” Priyadharshene says.

Thambi is goofy but intelligent and very loving.

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