4 gym workouts you can do in your workspace

With busy lives and movement restrictions, it can be hard to fit in an exercise class. (Rawpixel pic)

Everyone knows that sitting down for prolonged periods is bad for your health. But getting enough exercise with busy schedules and the restricted movement of the past few months can be difficult.

A solution is at hand. Turn the office cubicle or your workspace at home into a private gym with a few simple exercises.

1. Wall push-ups

Taking a lunch break? Why not do wall push-ups for 20 reps?

2. Wall sit

It looks easy, but this exercise will definitely be felt in the thighs.

3. Seated knee raise

This subtle office desk exercise can be done without people noticing. Do 20 reps and feel the burn.

4. Seated straight leg raises

This workout targets the leg and abdominal area. Try adding weight to the legs by looping a backpack or briefcase over them extra burn.

5. Water bottle weights

Say goodbye to dumb-bells. Just use two filled water bottles and voila, a simple exercise to tone the arms.

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