Crimson, the timid but curious Bloodred Corn snake

Crimson is a one-year-old Bloodred Corn Snake. (Helen Leijon pic)

While most people with recoil at the sight of a snake of all things, Helon Leijon loves her little one-year-old reptile called Crimson.

According to Helen, Crimson is a Bloodred Corn Snake who’s timid but like most young animals, is curious about the world around her.

“Crimson loves dark places. I once placed an empty toilet roll near her and she happily spent most of her day laying inside it,” Helen says.

Crimson is long and thin, and loves dark places. (Helen Leijon pic)

She adds, “I feed her frozen thawed pinky mice but only because I fear that a live mouse may injure her.”

Like most pets, albeit conventional pets like cats and dogs, Helen says Crimson was rather nervous at first, but has since grown used to the scent and presence of her new owner and has gained some confidence.

Crimson has beautiful patterns on her skin. (Helen Leijon pic)

“When I first got her, she was very nervous since the previous owner didn’t do much to get her used to the human touch.

“Although now she still shies away from me, she’s pretty calm whenever I handle her now. After a few minutes of handling her, she gets curious and may even touch my nose,” Helen says.

Crimson is shy but curious about the world around her. (Helen Leijon pic)

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