Amusing survey finds iPhones way sexier than BlackBerrys

People who pose with an iPhone in their profile picture are more likely to get a response on dating websites. (AFP pic)

British website has conducted an amusing study on the impact of high-tech branding on online dating.

It found that profile pictures with visible Apple products had more success than identical snaps with phones by other brands, especially BlackBerry.

Profile pictures with a clearly visible iPhone generated 76% more matches than standard photos with no visible hardware.

Other Apple products, notably the Apple Watch (+61%) and AirPods (+41%), also had a positive impact on eliciting responses.

Even more interestingly, Apple was one of only two brands to boost the number of matches, the other being Samsung. Profile pictures with a smartphone by the Korean manufacturer attracted 19% more expressions of interest than neutral ones.

Perhaps the most important finding of all was that as a general rule, it is not a good idea to post profile pictures with high-tech devices by other brands, because they will likely reduce the number of matches.

In particular the study found that this applied to snaps with smartphones by Google (-10% matches), Sony (-14% matches), Huawei (-23% matches) and OnePlus (-30% matches).

However, the one device that you should never show in a dating site profile picture is the venerable BlackBerry (-74% matches).

For the purposes of the study, created identical profiles for men and women both with and without clearly visible smartphones on several apps and in several cities around the world.