3 kitchen repairs that cannot wait

If equipment in the kitchen is noisy, giving off too much heat or leaking, you must do something about it now rather than later. (Rawpixel pic)

Everyone relies heavily on home appliances and tends to ignore minor problems. But there are things that can go wrong that can be a safety threat.

Here are three things that cannot be ignored and should be seen to quickly.

1. Excessive noise

Loud, strange noises from the refrigerator should be checked out and it should be repaired immediately. (Pixabay pic)

If a refrigerator is making a humming sound it is normal. But a screech can mean there are loose or broken parts inside. This is not a DIY fix. Call in the professionals to identify and fix the problem.

2. Fridge overheating

Overheating should be looked at quickly to avoid expensive damage to the appliance. (Rawpixel pic)

Overheating is a major sign that an appliance needs to be repaired. Appliances like refrigerators are normally slightly warm to touch but never hot.

If the tops, sides or back of the fridge are hot, it needs to be checked up. Overheating could be caused by dirt build-up that requires immediate professional repair.

3. Leaky washing machine

A leaky washing machine can lead to more dangerous damage. (Rawpixel pic)

If a pool of water forms when using the washing machine, it is likely to be leaking, which should be attended to immediately.

Leaks may result from a clogged or tilted overflow tube caused by using too much detergent or combining laundry products inappropriately.

This type of damage is easily spotted and should not be ignored. Delaying repairs can lead to more dangerous damage. Always get in a professional to handle the job.

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