5 kinds of people to help get you through a divorce

Getting divorced brings up many emotions as well as practical issues, and women should seek help for both. (Rawpixel pic)

Divorce is typically viewed as an exclusively legal process. However, in reality, divorce is more complicated than filing legal paperwork. Its many facets include financial, emotional and practical issues.

Fortunately, many women today are already starting to realise their need for different layers of professional help.

If a marriage is failing and divorce seems imminent, it is best to start putting together a team comprising different professionals who can help with the various issues involved in a divorce.

1. Contact a divorce attorney

As previously mentioned, a divorce involves much legal paperwork. A family law attorney will be able to help with that.

Apart from preparing the necessary legal documents, the role of an attorney in a divorce team also includes providing legal counsel, assisting in the resolution of areas of dispute and working together with other team members to guide the client through the entire divorce process.

2. Look for a financial advisor

While a divorce is a legal proceeding, its success for the family may also involve financial planning, parenting and communication.

While attorneys provide invaluable help for legal issues, other professionals may be able to give better assistance in others.

For example, women who are concerned about how to meet expenses without the help of the ex-husband are far more likely to get valuable guidance by working with a financial advisor than with an attorney.

A financial advisor will be able to assist in setting up a budget in order to meet monthly expenses, especially if there are children.

Remember, a divorce can be expensive. It may bring about a sudden change in financial standing and, consequently, standard of living. A financial advisor can provide much needed financial guidance.

With professional help, it will also be easier to prepare financial documents needed in court for the divorce.

A financial advisor will also be able to determine the best way to evaluate assets and liabilities and prepare options for their division.

When a marriage breaks down, kids are emotionally affected by it too. (Rawpixel pic)

3. Ask around for a good child specialist

There may be concerns about proper care and guidance of the children after the divorce. A child specialist is far more likely to be able to provide advice and support than a lawyer.

A child specialist can help both parents to discuss the divorce properly with the children. Even if the marital relationship has come to an end, the parental responsibilities to the children remain.

A co-parenting plan will help in nurturing the children. With their expertise in child development, the specialist can also help determine the needs of the children and set goals in order to meet these needs.

Before hiring a child specialist, check if the person is licensed as a mental health professional.

4. Make an appointment with a therapist or counsellor

Another mental health professional who could be beneficial is a therapist or counsellor. A therapist can help you manage and get through the emotions. With a sound mind, it is less difficult to make decisions.

Professionals such as therapists, child specialists and financial advisors can take care of some of the non-legal work that is otherwise done by the attorneys.

This will allow you to get skilled help that focuses on their specific concerns at a lower rate.

5. Turn to friends

While professionals lend their expertise, family and friends are the best people to give comfort.

A divorce involves intense feelings such as grief, regret, confusion and anger.

Instead of pushing away emotions, find a good friend to talk to. This allows you to air all those negative feelings to someone you are completely comfortable with.

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