Rentak: If the rhythm doesn’t get you, the cocktails will

Sip on a handcrafted cocktail while listening to old-school tunes played on vinyl records.

After a sombre three months when the music literally died because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is heartening to know that Rentak has found its beat again, coming alive in Chinatown with its much-loved music of the 70s, featuring disco funk and soul.

The familiar tunes fill the air of this tastefully designed loft above a café called ETC. And the anticipation of sipping once again on Asian-inspired cocktails in a semi-dark tropical sanctuary, makes for an experience like no other.

All the mind-blowing concoctions are there, taking pride of place on the cocktail menu – Fela, Joget, 808 – beckoning you to invite them back into your embrace.

It’s clear Rentak means business when it comes to their alcoholic concoctions.

The menu is carefully segmented to guide you into selecting the right concoction to complement the mood you’re in – Signature Beat, Classic Beat, Birthday Beat and Happy Beat – so take your time before making your pick.

Not a fan of rum? Fela could very well be the gamechanger. This potion of rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, ginger syrup and lime with a sprig of curry leaves is a sensory explosion that will knock your socks off.

Rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, ginger syrup, lime and curry leaves make up the signature notes of the fascinating and mysterious Fela.

FMT is told that this cocktail was inspired by the natural rhythm of Malaysian life. Excluding the rum, all other ingredients that make up this cocktail are common to a typical Malay, Nyonya or Indian kitchen.

The 808 meanwhile is much tamer but equally exhilarating. Decidedly refreshing with a distinct fruity note, this cocktail is a delightful mix of gin, elderflower, passion fruit, raspberry, lemon, lime and a foamy cap of egg white.

The 808 is perfect for those who appreciate a fruitier note in their cocktails.

Now if you’re feeling a little flirtatious, a little naughty and ready to take your cocktail game up a notch, then it’s time to dance to the beat of Joget.

Presented on a tray in a wooden bowl with a single kaffir lime leaf literally pegged onto the rim, there is also an assortment of cili padi, lime, star anise, cardamom and black pepper artfully displayed on the tray representing the flavour profile of this heady drink.

The heady Joget is for those who love Asian herbs and spices.

Made from a combination of gin and sweet vermouth, Joget is essentially a flavour bombshell in a bowl, hitting all the right spicy, sweet and sour notes.

Rentak may amaze you with its seemingly endless list of unique cocktails but you can’t possibly leave without ordering 007’s signature drink, the dry martini. Garnished with an olive, this is for the purists out there.

Shake things up at Rentak with their dry martini cocktail done just right and cheesy nachos.

Feel like making the most of your Sunday before facing the work week ahead? Then a trip to Rentak tonight might be just the thing to ease you into it.

Rentak Bar
First Floor (above ETC)
198, Jalan H S Lee
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:
7pm – 12am (Thursday to Sunday)