PC Studio Café: tasty eats for vegans and meat lovers

The Fried Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken is topped with an egg and served with spicy sambal.

PETALING JAYA: How many times have you scratched your head about where to eat when a vegan friend joins the group for lunch?

Do you forgo that juicy beef burger you were intending to devour or does your vegan friend make the ultimate sacrifice instead, sipping on tea alone and leaving the restaurant still ravenous?

The next time you find yourself in a tight spot, head over to PC Studio Café where there’s a delicious spread of dishes for vegans and meat lovers alike.

The modern interior of the café offers patrons a comfortable dining experience.

Feel like a vegan burger? There are 10 different kinds you can choose from here, three of which are homemade creations.

Even the sauces at PC Studio Café have been modified for vegans. The hot Sriracha sauce for the vegan burgers, for example, has a papaya base.

Chef Philip Chui tells FMT he was drawn to veganism after his nephew introduced him to the concept of raw food. Now all eight chefs at PC Studio Café are certified plant-based instructors and raw food chefs.

Chui (left), founder of PC Studio, with his son, Edward.

Not to fret meat lovers. The beef patties in the burgers here are a whopping 200 g in weight. And one of the crowd favourites is the massive, juicy fried chicken coated in its secret batter that keeps its crunch even after an hour.

“We do our best to serve customers food made from only the freshest ingredients and pride ourselves on the generous portions.

“The pasta portion for instance is 200 g, perfect for those looking for a filling lunch. We make our pasta sauces from scratch too,” said Chui.

“All of our food suppliers are halal but, unfortunately, we do not have halal certification. We are also pork- and liquor-free.”

Tea lovers can rejoice for PC Studio Café has nine different teas made from different flowers and fruit. Each tea has its signature character, whether one is looking to relax, cool down or just craving something fruity.

Try out PC Studio’s many health teas that are just as nutritious as they are refreshing.

For a painful, dry, scratchy throat, a pot of Cooling Sensation might be just what the doctor ordered. With the distinctive taste of peppermint and Osmanthus, it reduces phlegm, eases digestion and helps fight off throat infections.

Looking for something to boost the immune system? The Apple Rose Fruit Tea will do the job. Its tangy note is derived from dried apple, roselle, rose and orange peel and, in addition to providing vitamins and fruit acids, the tea is rich in antioxidants and minerals to keep one strong and healthy.

Not in the mood for a cuppa? Try a Mojito Soda – the perfect drink for a hot afternoon, with a minty taste in a bubbly beverage.

For those looking to kick-start their morning, PC Studio Café’s breakfast is nothing to scoff at, at surprisingly low prices too.

The Breakfast Sandwich is made with fresh vegetables and egg tucked into their homemade bread.

PC Studio Café’s breakfast is the perfect way to start off the morning.

For lunch, try the café’s signature Fish & Chips. It is such a huge portion, one order feeds two. The fish is battered well and the crust is crisp, not to forget the tangy tartar sauce that makes for the perfect dip.

The Fish & Chips comes in a very large portion and is best shared with a partner.

Also, on the menu is Mushroomlicious Spaghetti, a vegetarian dish that even meat lovers will have to admit is fantastic.

It is called Mushroomlicious for good reason – it’s made with four kinds of mushrooms – portobello, button, king oyster and shiitake. You can also ask for a drizzle of truffle oil for that rich, earthy intoxicating aroma.

The Mushroomlicious Spaghetti is a vegetarian delight that comes with chewy, tasty mushrooms.

If you’re looking for flavours closer to home, the Fried Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken offers a twist on a Malaysian classic. It is served with a dash of strong, spicy sambal.

Those looking for a meaty treat should try the PCS Beef Burger. A large beef patty, oozing with juices, is garnished with an egg, crisp beef bacon and barbecue sauce, perfect for hungry children and parents alike.

The PCS Beef Burger, with its juicy patty, egg and meaty beef bacon, is a favourite among customers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, order the Sawadee Burger. This is a vegan burger with a Thai twist that can only be properly described as spicy and tangy, with flavours one would never expect to work together, but they just do.

The homemade Thai falafel patty combines wonderfully with fresh vegetables, a topping of vegan mayonnaise, vegan cheese and coleslaw.

The Sawadee Burger is a must-try with its distinctive tangy and spicy taste, made with only plant-based ingredients.

Ever wanted fish and chips in the form of a sandwich? The Submarine Sandwich is just the thing. This too is perfect for two, given how filling the Fish & Chips already is. The addition of bread is likely to leave one feeling stuffed for many hours after.

A Submarine Sandwich with a teapot of Apple Rose Fruit Tea.

With so much filling food to be found here, PC Studio is not a place to visit alone, so remember to share the joy with family and friends.

One last thing – PC Studio Café conducts cooking classes upstairs. So if you’re keen to learn how to create easy, quick meals, sign up for a class or two. You won’t regret it.

PC Studio Cafe
G-01, Ground Floor
Block A
Damansara Intan
1 Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am-7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am-7pm