Meet the brave but silly Luke who’s a softie at heart

Luke with his sibling Cleo and Sivadass’ grandkids, Maya and Lakshen. (Sivadass pic)

Luke is a beautiful doe-eyed Golden Retriever-Terrier mix who is two-and-a-half years old. He lives with his sister Cleo and Odin, a big black Labrador.

According to Sivadass, Luke is warm and loving, always ready to collapse on the ground and surrender to belly rubs and pats on the head.

“He’s a brave but silly dog, who gets into fights with Odin who is much bigger and stronger than him,” Sivadass says.

When he isn’t vying for top spot as alpha dog against Odin, Luke loves going for walks and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Mother Nature.

Luke (in the background) and Cleo, seen here with Sivadass’ grandson Vidhesh. (Sivadass pic)

And sometimes, he gives in to his canine instincts and digs the garden up just for the fun of it, utterly content with his misdeeds, prancing around the compound with dirt-encrusted paws.

“He gives the impression that he is fierce but he’s actually a friendly boy and quite the attention-getter,” Sivadass says, pointing out that Luke shakes in fear at the sound of thunder.

He lives outdoors with Cleo and Odin, and has the run of the garden to keep him occupied during the day.

Bath time is a family affair even if Luke isn’t too happy about it. From left: Vidhesh, Lakshen, Sivadass and Maya. (Sivadass pic)

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