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Common assumptions about sleep can compromise good health

Claims of people needing just five hours of sleep a night and still being perfectly healthy was one of the top myths the team was able to debunk with scientific evidence.

Bare-faced cheat: Women ‘better at hiding infidelity’

Research also suggests that less attractive men tend to 'engage in actual mate poaching'.

US health officials seek to stem measles outbreaks traced to Israel,...

Persons infected with the virus brought it to the USA from Israel and Ukraine and passed it on to members of their tight-knit communities, many of whom had not been vaccinated.

Germany reopens painful debate on assisted suicide

The contradictory signals have fuelled renewed debate on an issue that has huge resonance in a fast-ageing country where the Church still exerts strong influence.

New limbs, new life for South Sudan amputees

After receiving his first prosthesis in 2013, war prevented Stephen from being able to return for new fittings every six months as recommended.

Half of statins patients don’t hit ‘healthy’ cholesterol levels

Statins are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States and Britain.

On the Sahara’s edge, the fight to protect children against measles

Measles is often dismissed by so-called anti-vaxxers who oppose immunisation as a disease of the past or non-threatening.

Drugmakers stockpiling for Brexit ask, how long do we wait?

As uncertainty surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union drags on, the costs and frustration are mounting.

You’re overdue: Now what?

Your baby should be the size of a big jackfruit or watermelon at this stage but despite the size, you can still have a normal birth through the vagina.

Dutch doctor ‘fathered 49 children’ in IVF scandal

Jan Karbaat fathered 49 children after women visited his Rotterdam clinic where he used his own sperm instead of a donor to inseminate them.

Week 38 of pregnancy: Brush-up on what to expect

Your doctor may do regular pelvic examinations to determine your baby’s position inside your uterus - top-first, leg-first or bottom-first.

Push to cure hepatitis B, a neglected disease

There is no cure, but antiviral drugs have proven effective in coping with symptoms.

Managing your 32nd week of pregnancy

The final touches of your baby's body is taking place - eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair - and you can go into pre-term labour anytime now.

Cutting-edge procedure mends Jagger’s ‘heart of stone’

TAVR was reserved for patients too weak or old to undergo open-heart surgery, But over the last decade, its use has been expanded to those for whom the traditional approach poses an "intermediate risk".

Australia ramps up measles warnings as cases jump

There were 83 measles cases so far this year in Australia.

Virgin territory: study shows sexual inexperience rising in Japan

The research is based on data from seven rounds of the National Fertility Survey of Japan, carried out between 1987 and 2015.

US anti-abortion film a surprise box office success

"Unplanned" comes amid a resurgent campaign in the United States by opponents of abortion, which was legalized in the United States in a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision.

What to expect in week 20 of pregnancy

As baby gets bigger, an ultrasound can detect its sex as well as structural abnormalities of the bones and organs if any.

What women should know in week 9 of pregnancy

Apart from body changes, there will also be new work and health issues you will have to deal with.

Getting pregnant and how to prepare for it

Eat well, take your vitamins, but most importantly see your doctor to ensure you prepare your body well for pregnancy.