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Doctors’ groups hail new exam for would-be specialists

MedEx is seen as a move towards standardisation and transparency and an effort to ensure quality care.

When anger strikes, breathe

Doing a breathing exercise once anger arises can bring about a more positive, relaxed frame of mind.

Foetuses prefer classical music over rock, except for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Music preferences develop in the womb, experiments show.

What is blog psychology?

A blog is a great way to share resources and to raise awareness on pertinent issues.

Stressed pregnant women tend to deliver girls, study finds

Those with anxiety or depression are also at high risk of premature births.

High on ease, low on nutrition: The instant noodles diet harming...

In Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, about 40% of children aged five and below are malnourished.

Elderly daycare: Keeping the elderly active and alert

Caregivers should consider elderly daycare, knowing that their loved one is safe in the hands of professional nurses and trained caretakers.

Vaping illness, deaths likely very rare, experts say

Malaysia has banned sale of liquids containing nicotine since 2015.

Future budgets should address family planning

There is a clear link between family planning, women empowerment, and human capital development.

An uncomfortable bra can be a sign of breast cancer

For a woman, the focus should be always on constant checks for breast cancer.

Should you get pregnant after breast cancer?

Is childbirth possible or even encouraged after breast cancer?

Human milk fights harmful bacteria other types can’t, researchers find

'Powerful' glycerol monolaurate can be added to infant formula and cows' milk.

Start super small to make big changes in your life

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine so if you want to change your life, change something you do daily first.

Five ciggies a day enough to cause long-term lung damage, study...

Smokers also more likely to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

How your sleep cycle changes with age

You absolutely need sleep as you age. Though it may be a challenge, there are ways to sleep deeper and longer.

Smoking ban in eateries is a breath of fresh air

The nation-wide ban will make smoking cigarettes in eateries a thing of the past.

Social anxiety affects all aspects of your life

People with social anxiety disorder go to great lengths to avoid social situations. Here are some tips to overcome it.

Functional training: Is it better than traditional gym machines?

Functional training bases its ethos on taking people away from using gym machines to throwing around medicine balls, or jumping onto boxes.

3 reasons why vaping may kill you faster than cigarettes

It’s time to re-evaluate your choices and quit vaping while you’re still ahead.

How to reverse bad luck with a positive attitude

There’s grace in letting go of things you cannot control, and immeasurable positivity from focusing on your many blessings.

‘Harmless’ lies damaging to children’s mental health, study finds

Kids lied to frequently more likely to adopt intrusive, manipulative behaviours as adults.

Vaping similar to inhaling poisonous gas, reveal scientists

Biopsies in US show injuries to lung of smokers resemble chemical burns.

Beyonce’s dad reveals breast cancer battle

Knowles calls all men, especially black men, to understand seriousness of disease.

5 ways to keep skin hydrated when using air conditioning

Stop skin from drying out when using the air conditioner through these simple but ingenious ways.