3 podcasts that talk about the ‘taboo’ period

Periods can still be a difficult subject of discussion, but podcasters are helping break the taboo. (Rawpixel pic)

Even in 2020, periods can still be a tricky subject of discussion, especially for girls and their parents who might still find the subject taboo.

But there’s a wealth of advice out there thanks to the many podcasts talking candidly about menstruation that have sprung up in recent years.

Here are three period podcasts to get started on the subject.

1. The Periodical

Created by American blogger Jessie Braun, “The Periodical” seeks to explore every aspect of the menstrual sphere. Subjects are varied but the central theme strives to end the stigma surrounding all things period-related.

2. The Sacred Womb

The British yoga enthusiast and podcaster, Melanie Swan invites women to reclaim and even celebrate their periods.

Each episode of “The Sacred Womb” explores a different aspect of the menstrual cycle, from toxic shock syndrome and exercising during menstruation to first periods and more.

3. The Heavy Flow Podcast

Over in Canada, periods are a pet subject for the Toronto-based holistic nutritionist, Amanda Laird.

The Heavy Flow Podcast” decrypts various aspects of the menstrual cycle with candid conversations, expert advice and special guests.

Certain episodes cover broader themes of sexual health and the female body, such as fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.