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Israel seeks to beat PTSD with ‘ecstasy’ therapy

MMDMA, the active component in the drug known to night-clubbers as ecstasy, helps cure post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The solution to common medication issues with the elderly

It takes patience and diligence to monitor medicines for your elderly loved one.

Taking a mental break from work? Don’t check your phone, study...

Using a cell phone during a break from work does not allow the brain to recharge effectively and could result in poorer performance, according to researchers.

Eating meat when pregnant: Is it a healthy choice?

There is no need to stop eating meat when pregnant provided you store, prepare and cook your proteins in the right way.

More evidence that insomnia increases the risk of heart disease and...

European researchers used a technique called Mendelian randomisation, which involves studying genetic variants to see if certain factors are associated with a higher or lower risk of disease.

The secret exercise for fat loss

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to exercise for weight loss.

Why the elderly suffer from dry and itchy skin

Skin, like many other organs, undergoes deterioration with the passage of time.

Radiation and pregnancy: What’s dangerous and what’s not

The kind of radiation that can seriously harm you comes from radiation extremes.

4 ways moving house can affect your health

Besides stressing you out, moving house can cause unexpected injuries, leave you exhausted and dehydrated, and trigger allergies.

Mexican start-up fights air pollution with artificial trees

The 'BioUrban' artificial tree does the work of 368 real trees, by exchanging air pollution for pure oxygen through photosynthesis.

Technology aids in addiction recovery

With technology, it is possible to constantly have interactive responses between patients and caregivers, which is crucial in healthcare delivery.

Even caregivers need care and attention

Caregiving can often be exhausting and depressing. So remember to take time out and care for yourself as well.

Does green tea aid pregnancy?

Studies say drinking green tea increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Weight loss: How does ‘calorie balance’ work?

Learn the science behind weight loss and the importance of having an experienced personal trainer take you through it from start to finish.

7 tips to balance your health account

Treat your health as you would your wealth. It is far more precious.

Why you could fail a breathalyser test after eating durian

Apparently the same happens with white bread, pecans, macadamias, ripe fruit, protein bars, mouth wash, and cough syrup.

Psychological safety in the workplace nurtures innovation

Without psychological safety in the workplace, you can’t be at your best.

Good cardiovascular health at age 50 can lead to lower dementia...

New European research has found that maintaining good cardiovascular health during midlife could help to also promote good brain health later on.

Could a new hormone injection help tackle obesity?

A combination of three hormones has been found to provide some of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery, without the surgery.

Should doctor home visits be encouraged?

These days, doctors only make home visits to perform check-ups on bedridden patients unable to go to clinics or hospitals for diagnosis and treatment.

Could the Mankai duckweed plant be beneficial for diabetes patients?

Duckweed has been consumed for hundreds of years in Southeast Asia, where it is known as a 'vegetable meatball' due to its high-protein content.

US seniors fight depression with virtual reality

The elderly can now transport themselves to their dream destination through the virtual reality glasses.

What to do when he doesn’t want to wear a condom

When two people have sex, they are both responsible for each other’s health.

Revealed! The secret on how to grow muscle

Here is the basic science behind how personal trainers structure training so that you can increase your muscle mass.