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Alcohol and the ‘drunchies’ can ruin your diet

New US research demonstrates how a night of drinking affects what we eat the next day leading us to reach for unhealthy, fatty foods.

Need to motivate yourself? Try giving someone else advice

If you're struggling to find the motivation for something, new US research says giving advice to others, rather than receiving it yourself, could help you achieve your goals.

Want to be a dad? Wear boxers, not skin-tight briefs

Compared to men who favour snug-fitting briefs, devotees of boxer shorts had a significantly higher count and concentration of sperm, researchers reported in the journal Human Reproduction.

Brain specialist: Children should be barred from heading footballs

Doctor Bennett Omalu,a leading expert in brain injuries, said heading a football was dangerous and that it should be restricted even at professional level.

Stale cockpit air may be dulling your airline pilot’s performance

Airliner cockpits can also have levels of carbon dioxide elevated enough that in simulations it causes pilots to fail test manoeuvres at higher rates than normal.

Exercise could lower the risk of irregular heartbeat in obese people

New European research has found that exercise could help those who are obese lower their risk of atrial fibrillation, an irregular, rapid heart rate also known as a heart flutter.

In Venezuela’s hospitals, eat at your own risk

The National Hospital Survey said 96% of Venezuela's hospitals fail to feed their patients adequately, or do not feed them at all.

Late nights, poor sleep lead to kids eating more junk food

A world-first study by a team of Australian researchers has confirmed that both the timing and quality of children's sleep can negatively influence their dietary behaviours, causing them to miss breakfast and eat more junk food.

Sleeping over 8 hours a night may be harmful for health

More than eight hours of shut-eye is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death, compared to sleeping less than seven hours.

Expert tips on how nursing mothers can help protect their babies...

August 1 to 7 marks World Breastfeeding Week 2018, celebrated every year to encourage and support breastfeeding to help improve the health of babies around the world.

The dangers of mixing alcohol and medication

Consuming alcohol while on medication can impair one’s motor skills, and intensify the side effects of many drugs.

Study: Women more likely to die of heart attack if doctor...

When women were treated by female doctors, "there was a significant and positive effect" on survival.

Could good posture help you perform better at math?

New US research may have revealed a simple trick for boosting students' test scores, finding that good posture while doing math could help make it easier.

Hundreds of Philippine mums in show of support for breast-feeding

Hundreds of Philippine mothers simultaneously nursed their babies in public on Sunday, some of them two at a time, in a government-backed mass breastfeeding event aimed at combating child deaths.

Body positivity: How to begin loving yourself

Learning to nurture a positive body image is the first step to embracing who you are as a person and finding the freedom to unashamedly be yourself.

The sobering truth about antibiotics

It serves to remember that excessive use of antibiotics will result in antibiotic-resistant bacteria that will make serious infections hard to treat.

Claustrophobia closing in on you? Here’s how to beat it

In most cases, it's not a specific place sufferers are terrified of but the fear of being restrained, and possibly suffocating from lack of oxygen.

Addicted to sex: It isn’t as raunchy as you think

While those addicted to sex are often reviled by others, many genuinely suffer from personality disorders that leave them with no control over their sexual impulses.

How to know if you’re in a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships are detrimental to your wellbeing as it can make you forget who you are and doubt what is best for your own mental and physical survival.

10 ways to eat to a healthier, fitter you

If your goal is to be fit and healthy, not just thin, observe a balanced diet and practice portion control to suit your body type and level of physical activity.

How to be sensitive about your partner’s weight

Rather than focus on the weight itself, why not talk about the benefits of good health and a better quality of life.

Why you should not skip or delay vaccinations

Admittedly vaccines do come with some side effects but the benefits of vaccination clearly outweigh the risks.

The science behind counting calories

Shocking evidence shows that the oft-heard mantra of 'do more, eat less' for weight loss seems to be only making society fatter.

10 ways to eat to a healthier, fitter you

If your goal is to be fit and healthy, not just thin, observe a balanced diet and practice portion control to suit your body type and level of physical activity.