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Financial advice and trends.

MAHB smells big business with Dior pop-up boutique in KLIA

The Dior Prestige boutique is expected to boost already strong perfume and cosmetics sales.

Create your holiday budget now

If you plan early, you’ll have a comfortable amount by the time the holiday season swings by.

Spend RM50 and get RM50 at outlets in KLIA, klia2

Spend a minimum of RM50 at participating outlets in KLIA and klia2 and you will receive a RM50 e-voucher.

Hacks for hiring tech talent

The shortage of tech talent will continue for the foreseeable future, meaning tech recruiters’ jobs are about to get a lot harder.

5 key ways to get rich quickly

Find out how wealth, if you're not born into it, have not married into it, and not inherited it, can be acquired.

Ron95 petrol price to increase gradually in 2020

Ron95 price will be increased every week from January 2020 as subsidy is gradually removed.

6 computer tips to keep your personal info secure

From installing antivirus to using complex passwords, there are many ways to secure your personal information.

Malaysian men spend more than women on Black Friday

A study has found that while Malaysian men buy less products than women on Black Friday, they spend more.

Invest in gold as a safety net

Gold is like a global, universal currency. It is a good choice for “rainy day” saving or as a financial backup.

RON95 to increase 1 sen each week from January 2020

The price of RON95, currently RM2.08 per litre, will gradually increase until it reaches market price.

3 things you can learn from job candidates’ photos

A job candidate’s photo can be an effective reference point. Here are three reasons why.

Useful tips to maximise your credit score

Having different types of credit history helps. So best to have home and car loans, including credit cards even if you can buy everything in cash.

Counting the cost of dying

Final costs include funeral expenses, estate administration expenses and taxes. Plan ahead and do not burden your family upon your passing.

How much do Malaysians spend on Chinese weddings?

This guide will help you understand the cost breakdown of Chinese wedding dinners.

Demanding work environment? Hire people with courage

Here are four useful ways you can utilise courage when the situation calls for it at work.

Shopping traps you should be aware of

Keep yourself from falling into traps when shopping and save money too in the future.

How to create wealth without financial capital

Creating wealth takes more than financial capital. You also need the mental capital and relationship capital.

11 tips to use your money wisely

If you spend your money without a care, you may end up with more month than money.

3 ways to boost productivity by creating a better work area

A cluttered desk is a demon you can do without so organise, make planners and put a plant or two on your desk to increase your productivity.

Learn all about equity financing

Equity financing is one of various attractive option for many small businesses.

7 costs employees have to bear on a daily basis

From eating out to commuting to work to sprucing up your wardrobe, being an employee comes with a cost.

Salaries up 5.1% this year, more to come in 2020, says...

Aon Malaysia survey findings indicate wages in Malaysia are increasing faster than wages in Singapore and Thailand.

All you need to know about remote hiring

An automated hiring process can overcome distance and save your valuable time.

How to spend money the right way so you become richer

If you wish to become richer, spend your money towards getting a better education in all financial matters first of all.