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Financial advice and trends.

Money mistakes women must avoid to be financially savvy

Abusing your credit card, giving in to peer pressure and going on wild shopping sprees will eventually lead you to financial ruin.

8 expenses every woman should plan for

From healthcare screenings and getting pregnant to going back to school, women have unique expenses that they should budget for.

How to spot investments that are actually scams

Never take any investment at face value. Always research it first and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a mega scam.

15 business ideas to help you earn an extra buck

If you're looking to make some extra income, you'll be pleased to know there are fascinating and easy ways to do it if only you're willing to take the risk.

Effective evening routines that make all the difference

Stressed out during the day and wake up unrested the next morning? Here are amazingly easy ways to unwind and stay rested and rejuvenated.

Getting financial advice? Remember to ask this question…

When it comes to financial advice, always ask: "Who else offers this product or service?" and remember to never make snap decisions.

5 ways to advance your career with LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you have over 300 million possible professional connections that might help you progress in your career.

Places to rent in KL depending on your income

The rule of thumb is no more than 30% of your income which should preferably also include utilities costs for electricity and water.

Investing tips every millennial should know

As a general rule, start early so you can learn through small mistakes and let time create wealth for you.

Signs self-employment isn’t right for you

Many believe being your own boss gives one a better quality of life but the contrary may be true.

4 successful women who overcame rejection

Despite being fired from their job, dropped from their recording label or told to undergo plastic surgery, these women followed their dreams to become successful.

Life-changing moments that affect investment strategies

Getting married, starting a family or jumping to a new job can greatly alter your investment plans so it's best to be prepared and make allowances for it.

5 truths about achieving the perfect work-life balance

If you manage your time wisely, it is possible to be highly productive while also getting enough time to rest and relax any way you choose.

A quick guide to what you can invest in with RM1,000

Before you invest, pick your risk profile – do you want to play it safe but get low returns, or play it risky and get high returns?

What no one tells you about investing in Malaysia

Get to know the various aspects of investing and how you can stay on top of things.

35 kooky traits of a person who’s careful with money

Averse to splurging on a whim, those who are careful with money put lots of thought into a purchase before making the decision to buy it.

Smart steps to achieve your 5 savings goals today

Take the time to categorise your savings accounts and match purpose and time horizon with savings investment vehicles so your savings work more efficiently for you.

Ringgit opens marginally higher against US Dollar

The local unit stood at 4.2835/2865 against the greenback compared with Wednesday's close of 4.2840/2870.