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Financial advice and trends.

Assistance in moving on after a divorce

Actively seek the proper help to get over the emotional roller coaster of a divorce.

Should you reinvest your dividends?

Reinvesting sounds like a good idea but there are pros and cons to consider too.

New hires: go for disruption or conformity?

Make cultural contribution a value of your company and a hallmark of your leadership.

Calculating how much you’ll need to FI/RE in Malaysia

Becoming financially independent in order to retire early is doable if you take the right approach.

Making preparations for a peaceful afterlife

Some forethought and planning ensures that the remaining family is well looked after.

Psychology can give an edge for effective negotiations

Turn most negotiations into an advantage with the knowledge of human psychology.

Avoiding mistakes in the hiring process

Employers must have realistic expectations of job candidates.

4 money-making tips you should know from the get-go

Here are several surefire ways Malaysians can earn additional income to fatten up their wallets.

Common mistakes credit card holders commit

Excessive use of a credit card can lead to the financial catastrophe of debt.

4 critical biz strategies to help make a sale

To stay on top of the competitive game, businesses must employ marketing strategies that increase their chances of making a solid sale.

What happens if your business literally burns down?

Fire insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire and gives the policyholder the option to renew and review the policy after every year.

Financial planning after losing a spouse

It is devastating to lose a spouse but it is also important to plan for the future.

Overcome common pitfalls in buying property

Buying a property comes with problems which can turn into nightmares if mishandled.

Financially speaking, what counts as success?

Financial success is not necessarily restricted to being a multi-millionaire.

Wanted: Cryptocurrency lawyers

The fear of cryptocurrency hacks and thefts is real and you can protect yourself with a crypto lawyer’s services.

Father’s Day gift ideas for the absolute last-minute buyer

Broke but still want to get dad a gift for Father’s day? Read on

Should you invest now or later?

Investing early brings about a great many benefits due to ‘compounding power’.

Things are looking up for some financial markets

At the risk of being boring, the recommendation will always be to ride the natural ups and downs of the markets.

Why the Overnight Policy Rate affects Malaysians’ pockets

How does a change in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) affect your financial standing?

7 tips on saving money on your home downpayment

The reality is that even smaller savings techniques can amount to an accumulation of a decent amount of money over time.

4 last-minute shopping tips for a panic-free Hari Raya

From making lists, to shopping online to keeping track of your spending, here are four great ideas to take the headache out of festive shopping.

What really matters for investing success?

It takes more than picking the right stock for financial success

Online shopping – click, pay and collect

Online shopping is safe, convenient and saves your time.

8 reasons why you may need to build a side income

If your existing salary is insufficient to cover monthly expenses and has been stagnant for years, it's time you started building a side income.