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Keep tabs on the property market and trends in real estate.

List out those condos for foreigners, says Johari

Former second finance minister says transparency is needed to ensure property developers do not abuse the system.

Buyers want rent-to-own scheme to cover homes lower than RM300,000

National Home Buyers Association says if price is lowered to RM300,000, more than 30,000 will be eligible to buy the homes.

Lower threshold for foreigners only for existing unsold condo units

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says this offer is only valid for the whole of next year.

More HK property investors turning to Malaysia, Singapore amid unrest

Adding to the allure of Malaysia is its relative affordability and prices much lower than Hong Kong.

Govt only listened to developers, say house buyers

The Association of Victims of Abandoned Properties Malaysia says the budget proposals mainly benefit developers.

Does a renovated unit get you higher returns?

Every buyer has a different view when it comes to the issue of renovation, so tread carefully.

The Rise owners let down by shoddy work

The Penang chief minister tours project after 500 out of 952 buyers complain of flaws and defects.

5 best spots to install CCTV cameras at your home

Installing a CCTV system is recommended to ensure that people who may have the potential to harm you and your family do not get a chance to.

Why you should start financial planning early

Savings alone used to be enough, but this is no longer so today. It’s all about staying ahead of inflation.

4 unpleasant things to expect during a home renovation

While delays are inevitable, dust and noise pollution are other inconveniences you will have to put up with.

Are 30,000 people to face unemployment this year?

The important thing is for the economy to grow and produce more more job opportunities.

4 ways to remove tape and Blu Tack from walls

From rolling it to blotting it to using citrus-based stain removers, there is always a way to get sticky, stubborn tape off your walls

10 tips on choosing a good tenant

With the wrong tenant, the rental income is not worth the headache in future.

Small apartment but big on style

Here are some creative ideas to add your own style and flair to a small apartment.

Good deals ahead for first time property buyers

Demand for affordable homes is going to increase so banks will be more willing to fund projects.

8 tips to go green and save money too

Not only will you build a better environment, going green will save you money.

6 common household items that can make you sick

Here are six come common household items that may be affecting your health.

5 quick-cleaning hacks to zap your home back into shape

If you work smart, household chores can be rather gratifying and leave your home looking spotless and smelling great in no time.

The poor still need PPR rental scheme, Putrajaya told

Property expert Ernest Cheong says PPR units are still the best way to ensure housing for the poor at a minimum cost.

6 reasons 2019 is still the best time to buy property

In 2019, view, compare, evaluate carefully then buy a good property and wait to cash in.

8 living room items that could be making you sick

From remote controls to air-conditioners and even your pets, mould dust, dander and other allergens abound in your living room.

It’s population growth that drives the property market

There is a mismatch between affordability and homes being built and offered today.

4 hazards old electrical wiring systems pose

Faulty plug outlets and defective appliances are the number one cause of electrical fires.

What if you retire without owning any property?

Invest your money and do buy a property to stay in when you retire and your income stops.