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Buying for our ‘future’ children… literally

Many parents are buying property in school catchment areas to future-proof their children’s education.

Budgeting for the elderly in our country

Malaysia should follow in Singapore's footsteps by budgeting for our increasingly ageing population.

Why is the savings rate in Malaysia on the decline?

Those who can somehow save and use their savings to invest to earn higher returns will likely be better off in the future.

Release of Bumiputera quota after 6 months will help move unsold...

Housing developers can now improve their cashflow issues and focus on their next projects.

EPF’s 6.15% dividend for 2018 is a great achievement

Although there are mixed reactions, the dividend is good considering how tough a year 2018 was.

Better policies needed so more can own homes

JPPH has proposed that a committee monitor the cost of development components to see how housing prices can be made more affordable in the country.

Kulim and Penang international airports should complement not compete with each...

It is hoped this 'integration' is worked out in advance instead of allowing both states to go solo.

National Housing Policy 2.0 could do with some tweaks

Rent-To-Own homes should not only be resold to the housing ministry but to qualified buyers already approved by them.

TRX: Profit from investing in one of Malaysia’s best assets

The RM40 bil Tun Razak Exchange is an integrated 70-acre development that will be KL’s new CBD and Malaysia’s International Financial District.

KL City Plan 2020 and the case of ‘special’ approvals for...

Since many development projects have plot ratios exceeding what is permissible, they will require special approvals before commencing construction.

Dangerous situations call for urgent consultation

A fair solution can only be reached if a meeting is held at the land office and is facilitated by the authorities, and attended by a state government representative.

Can maintenance fees in high-rises continuously increase?

The answer is 'Yes' but read on to find out why this is so.

Can’t go wrong with ‘right product-right pricing’ formula

If you focus on the right product and the right price, the market will no longer be an issue of concern.

Property market issues of today, explained

The issues include residential overhangs that have gone into the billions, high house prices, oversupply of houses in wrong locations and high household debts.

What’s the average size of a home in Malaysia?

Malaysia has the largest homes on average in Asean and is among the Top 10 in the world.

Understanding the lender, the borrower and the market

Government ministers must understand the market and think before giving their thoughts because whatever they say is construed as a potential policy.

Are there mortgage-slaves in Malaysia?

There are those who buy at the wrong time and are forced to sell at a loss, and those who swear by property investment as they sold theirs at a profit.

Time to reveal statistics of successful loan applicants

Data on loan applicants' salary range and price of median property can help educate first-time home buyers about their monthly expenditure and expectations.

Penang sees RM2.6m in investments: What does this mean for property?

The Batu Kawan area will likely see more manufacturing plants set up, with employees of those plants looking for homes nearby their workplaces.

Banks should give priority to potential B40 home buyers

Minister advises banks to consider an applicant's income from part-time jobs when considering whether to give the individual a housing loan.