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The legendary P Ramlee lives on

Rumah P Ramlee is the quaint wooden house in Penang built by the singer-actor's father and uncle, and is filled with exhibits of his life and works.

Visiting what’s left of Padang’s colonial past

Many old buildings in Padang have tourist potential and are ripe for restoration as boutique hotels, restaurants, shops or clinics.

The sad state of quarrying at Niah National Park

This spot has been nominated for Unesco World Heritage status, though it has not yet achieved that honour due to quarrying activities there.

Singapore airport nature dome unveiled in fight for flights

It is part of efforts by Changi to attract long-haul travellers over other hubs such as Hong Kong and Dubai.

Airbnb will leave West Bank homes listed to settle suits

Home-sharing platform Airbnb on Tuesday announced it will back off a plan to remove Jewish settler homes in the occupied West Bank from its...

‘Flight shame’ has Swedes rethinking air travel

'Flygskam', or flight shame, has become a buzz word referring to feeling guilt over the environmental effects of flying.

Sultan Sulaiman Club’s heritage building has seen better times

Despite being built in 2007 as a replica of the old clubhouse, this building looks worn out and is in urgent need of some tender loving care.

The eels and snakes of Jeli

Thrifty Traveller relates some pretty eerie slithery beings he encountered while on the road to Jeli, a town in Kelantan.

In Aleppo, the fate of a legendary hotel hangs in balance

The Baron Hotel was once the fanciest in Aleppo, Syria's second city.

Tourist numbers double at North Korea marathon

Tourists are flocking into North Korea for a marathon.

India fights to save its heritage havelis in the desert

A lack of concern about proper preservation has been compounded by overcrowding, poor city planning, inadequate drainage and waste disposal.

Part 3: Coast to coast via Camerons, Gua Musang and Lake...

Here is the third and last instalment of the three-day drive that although much longer and slower, will take you through more scenic routes.

Part 2: Coast to coast via Camerons, Gua Musang and Lake...

Here is the second instalment of the three-day drive that, although much longer and slower, will take you through more scenic routes.

Batu Bersurat: Tiger legend gets debunked

As it turns out the drawing on the rock is not that of a tiger but a lion, the same that appears on the Dutch coat-of-arms used when the graffiti was drawn.

Bleaching hits world’s southernmost coral reef

The corals off Lord Howe Island – some 600km offshore from Sydney – were affected by elevated temperatures this summer.

Cupcakes to keychains, Japan new era name brings souvenir boom

The impulse to quickly monetise the new era name is virtually unprecedented.

Part 1: Coast to coast via Camerons, Gua Musang and Lake...

This three-day drive although much longer and slower will take you through more scenic routes.

Europa-Park to open new water world Nov 28

The new aquatic world will be home to 25 water attractions offering all manner of thrills in nine themed zones.

Five things uniquely Ukraine

Ukraine has come a long way from its dark past.

Amusing road traffic signs in Malaysia

These inform users of busy urban dual carriageways that bullock carts, trishaws, pedal-powered food carts and bicycles are not permitted to travel on.