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Bujang Valley: Historically significant and worth a visit

A museum here houses various historical artefacts while its surrounding grounds is home to various Hindu and Buddhist structures called candi.

Get a private access tour of Paris’s Pompidou Center with Airbnb

The Paris museum is opening its doors to early-rising art fans with small-group private tours led by an artist, offering a new and exclusive way to discover one of the French capital's must-see museums.

Hidden #Instaworthy Asian locations – Part 1

Here's a list of picture-perfect spots across Asia that will take your breath away. So grab your camera and get ready to 'click' your holidays away.

The beautiful historical attractions of Jugra

From palaces in ruins to mausoleums, museums and old schools, Jugra in Kuala Langat is filled with fascinating sights for the curious traveller.

Hard to rival the pristine state of Chiang Mai Railway Station

Potted plants and elephant statues decorate the platforms, while the ticket hall is sparklingly clean with a waiting area reserved for monks.

Kuala Hijau: KL’s ‘green’ park of the future

A pocket park in the heart of the city made entirely out of repurposed material is slowly gaining the attention of Malaysians - why have a look-see yourself?

Fairy Cave: Impressive show cave in Bau, Sarawak

The cave is crisscrossed with concrete footpaths and steps for easy access into its fascinating and larger-than-life interiors.

Hong Kong tops list of top city destination for international arrivals...

For the purposes of the report, an arrival is defined as a person visiting another country for a minimum of 24 hours, not exceeding 12 months and includes business and leisure travel.

The captivating Marble Mountains of Da Nang

Made up of a cluster of five limestone and marble outcrops, the largest is riddled with caves containing Buddhist statues and altars.

How engineers are straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The gravitationally-challenged landmark is leaning less after years of ambitious engineering work.

Paradise regained? Sharks return to Thai bay popularised by ‘The Beach’

Authorities shut the park temporarily to the public in June but later extended the closure indefinitely to let the bay recover.

Apeh Waterfall: A long hike up but worth the effort

Be ready to hike for at least four hours on this challenging hill slope located in the Cheras area.

Inside the historical Kota Kayang Museum in Perlis

The current building, completed in 1999, is supposed to be structurally identical to the one it replaced which was used as the official residence of the British Advisor to Perlis.

How ironic – there’s no Macassar Oil in Makassar any longer

Touted as a miracle cure for balding in the olden days, Macassar Oil has all but disappeared from the face of the earth today.

Gudetama Café in Singapore still drawing in the crowds

A quirky egg character, his name literally means 'lazy egg' and he lies around all day looking particularly apathetic and depressed.

Gunung Angsi: Not exactly a stroll in the park

The hike up can be a very hot and sweaty hike if there is very little wind and therefore exhausting. Take plenty of water with you.

6 historical hotels in Penang to check out today

Why pick a basic stay when you can check into any one these fascinating spots within the Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site.

Bukit Broga: Hikers’ paradise in the city

400 metres high and easily climbed in an hour, Bukit Broga is however steep and challenging enough to get the heart pumping and lungs puffing.

The beautiful waterfalls of Batang Kali

Getting to the waterfalls near the Hulu Tamu Hot Springs involves a fair bit of jungle trekking and wading across rivers.

The stunning works of art in Tuck’s Oilette postcards

While the sending of postcards is on the decline in the Facebook and Instagram age, many of those from yesteryears are beautiful works of art to be cherished forever.

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan: Bound to leave you speechless

The museum contains dolls-house-sized models of Dickensian London, early 20th Century America, mystical fantasy scenes and Edo-period Japan, all in superb detail.

Miri’s many picture-postcard beaches

The coastline south of Miri is really just one long beach stretching 40km and more, but there are several beaches easy to access by car.

Church of St Mary the Virgin: Is royalty buried here?

Apart from a conspiracy theory that Lady Diana Spencer is buried here, there is also a belief the same is true of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was beheaded.

The impressive limestone curtain formations of Gua Kelam

The caves of Gua Kelam, a few kilometers from the Thai border are an interesting find as is the recreational park there.