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Macau: Land of amazing fruits, peanuts and chillies

History shows a number or fruits and vegetables were introduced into China from Macau including sweet potatoes, peanuts, watercress, pineapples, custard apples and chillies.

Cold winds, great views on Great Wall of China trek

Besides trekking on the wall, there are side trips to a waterfall and a visit to the home of a local farming family, besides a very long and scary flying fox.

Malaysian mosques of remarkable architecture

Whether bearing Mogul, Arab or colonial era influences, many of the mosques in Malaysia are architectural delights steeped in history.

Top 10 hiking trails near KL

Rankings are based on overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the hikes, taking into account difficulty, scenic views, jungle experience and accessibility.

Bukit Sapu Tangan: For a ‘baby hill’, it’s quite a hike

Bukit Sapu Tangan literally means Handkerchief Hill. Perhaps it's because you have to take a cloth with you to mop your brow once you're done hiking up its slopes.

Strolling down the streets of Yangon

Do visit the exquisite Shwedagon Pagoda, an impressive Buddhist temple complex comprising dozens of pagodas and hundreds of Buddha statues.

Next time in Vientiane, head to Buddha Park

Situated about 25km out of town, the park is home to a massive 120m long reclining Buddha, surrounded by a collection of other Buddhist and Hindu statues.

Vientiane: Land of Buddhist temples and scenic sunsets

Once a French colony, their influence can still be found in the food, some of the older colonial architecture and in street names.

Pak Ou Caves: A surreal experience for the curious traveller

The caves in Luang Prabang, Laos are filled with thousands of Buddhist statues created by artisans commissioned by the royal family in the 16th Century.

Laos: Of breathtaking waterfalls, bears and butterflies

The famous Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang is also home to a Bear Rescue Centre and a butterfly farm.

5 reasons why The Slate is Phuket’s paradise

Just five minutes from touch-down, this hotel is steeped in the history, and offers a myriad of ways to unwind in a tropical paradise.

Perth: Nature’s paradise beyond the city lights

Ever seen a bubblegum-pink lake or rock formations in the shape of a giant wave? Perth offers these as well as a bustling nightlife, gourmet food and marine cruises.

When in Japan, walk

What better way to discover the softer, more adventurous and infinitely more picturesque side of Japan than to walk down its less-travelled paths?

The ‘One Leg Kicks All’ charm of Muntri Street in Penang

If you're in search of an area teeming with little bars, tuck shops and sporting a somewhat 'boutique look', then you've found that gem in Muntri Street.

6 ‘hidden’ nasi kandar eats in Penang

Penang is synonymous with nasi kandar and here are six restaurants tucked away so well, only the locals know about them.

Penang’s last living joss sticks maker tells his tale

90-year-old Lee Beng Chuan is passionate about keeping the dying art of handmade joss sticks alive despite technology taking over the industry.

5 must-have dishes when popping by Taiping

From Char Koay Teow with fish balls to Mee Udang and Sotong Kangkung, there's a mouthwatering dish or two or three just waiting to be gobbled up in Taiping.

Take a mesmerising walk down The Habitat at Penang Hill

The Habitat offers breathtaking views of the rainforest and is home to amazing flora and fauna.

Pulang beraya, jadilah pemandu ‘lima bintang’

Dalam keghairahan menyambut ketibaan 1 Syawal, keselamatan perlu diberi keutamaan terutamanya apabila memandu untuk mengelakkan daripada berlakunya kejadian yang tidak diingini.

Time for a liberating holiday with nature at Janda Baik

Take in the beauty and serenity of nature when you go hiking, trekking or chasing waterfalls in this peaceful traditional village just 45 km from KL.

Come take in the Art of Old Town in Ipoh

Get your camera ready to snap up these picture-perfect murals the next time you vacation in Ipoh.