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Bengkulu: Indonesia’s spot for British colonial history

Once the base of Stamford Raffles, Bengkulu is now worth visiting for its historical sites.

Sidekick connects visitors in Korea to locals in real-time chat

Sidekick is currently available in Korea but will also be expanded to Japan.

The most breathtaking mosques in Malaysia

Each mosque listed here has distinct architecture representing different Islamic design elements.

Butterworth to Penang by ferry: A relaxing, scenic journey

The ferry opened back in 1894 and was then the only way for railway passengers from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to reach George Town.

The hidden wonders of Shangri-La, China

Shangri-La is a land of colour and wonder for the adventurous traveller.

Thomas Bewick: England’s finest immortalised in museum

Thomas Bewick is remembered as 'Northumberland’s greatest artist, a wood engraver and naturalist who revolutionised print art in Georgian England'.

The fascinating face-painting of Burmese women

Thanaka, extracted from the Murraya tree bark, has long been used by the Burmese people as a cosmetic product.

London’s Tower Bridge an icon at 125 years old

London's iconic Tower Bridge celebrates its 125th anniversary.

DMZ: The world’s last Cold War frontier

A look at the Demilitarised Zone that divides South Korea and the nuclear-armed North.

House of Sampoerna: Indonesia’s kretek puffs

Surabaya’s House of Sampoerna is a cigarette museum that tells the story of Liem Seeng Tee.

Malang bird market and other sights of East Java

Apart from the pleasant weather, there is not much to see in Malang unless you like birds and flowers.

From Rio to Rome, a battle for selfie supremacy

For the average tourist, a selfie is a way to make memories.

Top 6 historical sites to visit in Phnom Penh

There are plenty of attractions to explore in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Kampung Pulai: Gua Musang’s little Hakka village

Kampung Pulai, which is believed to be over 600 years old, is also home to Princess Hill, Princess Cave and the Water and Moon Temple.

Off the beaten track walkabout in Surabaya

Being adventurous has its benefits in discovering many new experiences in Surabaya.

China: It can gross you out or make you smile

From spitting and horrific toilets to commendable helpfulness and punctuality, there are both frightful and pleasing traits of the Chinese there.

Travelling quirks of Malaysians

Almost half of Malaysians can’t break free from work during holidays.

Palembang attractions for the diehard tourist

From historical monuments to museums, pagodas and bridges, Palembang does offer the earnest tourist some fascinating things to see.

The historical streets of Kuching

Main Bazaar, Carpenter Street and India Street all played a significant part in Kuching's fascinating history.

Sukhumvit Soi 38: Mother of Bangkok street food spots

Those seeking the true Thai culinary experience must make the pilgrimage to this night food market.

Pantai Sri Tujuh: Tumpat’s hidden paradise

Despite the litter, this Kelantan beach is worth visiting for its golden sand.

Krispy Kreme theatre coming to Times Square

The store will feature interactive and immersive experiences and showcase how the chain's signature glazed doughnuts are made, end-to-end.

‘Wild Boars’ team rescue transforms Thai cave into tourist draw

The government now has big plans for the area around the storied cave, including a shopping complex, restaurants, and hotels

Cameron Highlands: Holiday retreat and James Bond’s playground

From being a communist HQ and the scene of an unexplainable disappearance, Moonlight bungalow has many cloak and dagger tales to tell.