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FMT readers have their say.

Is the education sector ready for streamless schools?

One can already imagine the scheduling and logistical nightmare that will take place next year.

There’s no dignity in the likes of Zainal Kling

This nation was built by people of various races.

Non-Muslim leaders and our confused clerics

When minority non-Muslims are ready to live with the Muslims peacefully, why the need to discriminate against the former?

When the system denies children justice

Do we care for the welfare of children as much as we care for the welfare of adults and those in power?

Future budgets should address family planning

There is a clear link between family planning, women empowerment, and human capital development.

A more progressive solution than fuel subsidy

The biggest beneficiaries of the government's fuel subsidy will not be the lower- and middle-income groups.

Malay unity talks must lead to a truly Malaysian unity

While Malays have taken the initiative to unite their own 'household', we also need a narrative that involves all Malaysians.

How to make SPV 2030 attainable

Putrajaya needs to focus on corruption and socio-economic disparities in the next decade.

Hypocrisy in Europe’s psy-war against palm oil

European public opinions on palm oil are orchestrated to create a state of fear. 

A tale of 2 newspapers, and its lesson to others

They could have survived the general election outcome had they been independent and practised balanced news coverage.

MSPO certification essential to ensure long-term future of palm oil

Village heads, district officers and elected reps must encourage oil palm growers to seek MSPO certification.

The case for diversity

Our way of life assimilates us; don’t let our politics keep us apart.

Mahathir closes the book on the boom he launched

Vision 2020 has been retired but there’s little sign that Dr Mahathir Mohamad has internalised the lessons.

Stop harping on the social contract, we are all Malaysians

To those born in this country, there is only one class of citizenship and no one is superior or subordinate to another.

My prime minister and disappointments after Malay congress

Dr Mahathir Mohamad should have paid more heed to the sensitivities of Malaysians when speaking at the Malay Dignity Congress on Sunday.

Taking a leaf from kids in the fight against racism

Good race relations should begin early, at school, not when the young have left school.

Is it now ok to party hop, Dr M?

In his first stint as prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad pushed for a law that would bar elected representatives from taking part in an election for five years after they resigned.

It’s a crime if a teacher abuses a pupil

When a child needs protection, the police and Welfare Department must take action under the Child Act even if the parents of a child withdraw a complaint.

There was no need for race baiting at Malay dignity congress

It is wrong to think that the non-Malays are hindering Malay progress, far from it.

Forced labour in Malaysia just the tip of the iceberg

There is a need to synchronise both the laws and enforcement mechanisms.

Is the LRT for Penang island a blessing or a curse?

The project will require at least RM170 million to maintain annually and may lead to higher assessment rates for house owners in future.

Restoring LTAT’s tainted legacy

It must truly benefit those who defend our country.

Let market forces determine Foodpanda riders’ pay

We want a robust workforce in the economy, not one that shouts for government intervention or expects handouts at every opportunity.

Senior lecturers exploit their juniors

It is not easy for junior academic staff to decline requests from their influential seniors.