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FMT readers have their say.

Insincere apologies are an insult, too

Retractions and apologies are often used as an expedient or hypocritical way to cover up deliberate transgressions.

Tattoos and ‘our culture’

If we really want to talk about Malay culture, put down the guitars, sell off the drum kits, and go have fun with the gamelan.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

The recent function in Kajang was held not to celebrate CPM's struggle but to mark the anniversary of the peace treaty between it and the Malaysian government.

‘Deep state’ should be probed by independent body, not cops

It’s only common sense not to allow public bodies, including the police, to probe themselves.

Communism is not evil, but CPM’s methods were

Chin Peng led a group of violent rebels that terrorised and slaughtered fellow Malayans.

The citizenship laws still denying women true equality

Pakatan Harapan promised to review laws that discriminate against women, yet these policies have remained untouched.

In the new Malaysia, no room for the old communist bogey

If at all there is an issue with Chin Peng’s ashes, it has got to do with smuggling them into the country.

To be at peace with ourselves, reclaim truth and justice

To be at peace with itself in 2020, our nation has to bring to closure some vexatious unfinished business.

Chin Peng’s ashes and the Hitler salute

Chin Peng was centrally involved with the Japanese fascists who were in the Axis with Hitler’s Germany, yet people are more riled up about the former CPM leader.

Mutiny in PKR, bounty for others

Those most affected by the shenanigans will be the common folk.

Why Sosma should not be repealed

This law has to be defended, although some amendments may be needed to ensure there is no abuse.

Time for a unity government?

The only way to move forward is to abandon the ideologies and methods that have failed us and to reduce politicking by opening up the government to more parties.

DAP, the biggest loser in the Tanjung Piai massacre?

Had this been a mixed martial arts contest, the referee would have stopped the fight and declared a knock-out.

Palm oil and sustainable development practices

The government has introduced several corrective measures in the industry since taking over in May last year.

Taman Rimba Kiara and Kampung Baru: A tale of 2 projects

Engagements with stakeholders for both projects has been minimal.

Tanjung Piai loss has nothing to do with perception, but performance

It would be demeaning to say that Malays and Chinese voters were unthinking and easily susceptible to political propaganda.

The problem with fighting the illegal wildlife trade

Even when the so-called kingpins are arrested, they are easily replaced by their colleagues.

No point reshuffling the Cabinet now

Any reshuffle would only be a temporary move as there will be another Cabinet team when the next leader takes over from Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Child marriages harm our children

If we prevaricate, we expose our children to the possibility of physical danger every day.

Kapar MP’s senseless resentment of smoking, vaping ban

The rules against smoking and vaping should be seen as similar to a move long ago to prevent customers from spitting on restaurant floors.

Premature to call for a general election now

Losing in four out of nine by-elections no doubt calls for some soul searching but it’s too early to say that the current government has lost the trust of the people.

Aren’t the Orang Asli Malaysians, too?

We push mega projects which cost billions but somehow lack the money to rescue people who have no food.

Malaysia’s window of opportunity is closing fast

Malaysia is drifting when it needs to be operating full-steam ahead.

KTM’s ticketing shambles is a rail nightmare

An utter disgrace to see hordes of people queueing all day and an online system that's nearly non-existent, says the writer.