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An open letter to Dr M on PIL 1

The state government should consider other means of improving the traffic situation in Penang instead of imposing the PTMP on Penangites and their future generations.

The potential pitfalls of MySalam

The last thing we want is for a good health programme to go belly-up because concerns are not addressed.

The power of rulers to appoint and remove MBs

In Malaysia, only the Federal Constitution is supreme.

Pakatan’s painful lessons from past by-elections

If PH is to win the next general election, unpopular decisions have to be made to win the support of the rakyat.

After Rantau, which way forward until GE15?

By-election was neither a 'mother of all battles' nor a game-changer, but Pakatan Harapan needs to take stock and look ahead.

We talk, but Rome Statute would have allowed us to act

Ratifying the treaty would have allowed us a say against the lack of prosecution against atrocities committed by countries like Israel and Myanmar, which have always been our concern.

PH still the better choice, warts and all

Despite a series of bad news, there is a silver lining.

Taman Rimba Kiara: Rebutting the FT ministry’s clarification

Khalid Samad should also provide a breakdown of how he arrived at the figure of RM150 million to terminate the development.

PH’s bad precedents in MB appointments

The sovereign in a constitutional monarchy has only three rights: the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn.

Draw more tourists by having intercity bus tours

This would allow independent tourists to plan their own itinerary.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Why give rise to false hopes if you do not have the entire picture at the time?

Urban Redevelopment Authority can reinvigorate KL slums

Many areas in the city deserve redevelopment through improvements to transportation, parks, medical facilities, waste management and security.

Urban renewal law, but what about minority home owners?

Proposed urban renewal law will force owners to move against their will.

Does RCI stand for Royal Cosmetic Institution?

RCIs in the country have failed to deliver justice to aggrieved parties, while the government continues to ignore its recommendations.

FT minister responds to Taman Rimba Kiara land issue

The minister was right to state that the estimated compensation to MPSB may add up to RM150 million as stated in the Writ of Summons filed in court.

MySalam, not quite a private health insurance scheme

It is more like a social welfare protection scheme focused on health issues, which would make it unique as one of the largest such schemes ever proposed in Malaysia.

The contradictions that are pulling down our nation

We talk about hard work, trustworthiness and knowledge but reward laziness, incompetence and dishonesty.

Reclaimed islands will be owned by Penang govt

They will be used for affordable housing, and commercial and industrial opportunities.

No wonder Perak remains second poorest state in country

PM must stop Perak from wasting money and industrial land on new aerospace project in Manjung.

Inexperience — is this really the reason for lack of PH’s...

Many of the ministers in Cabinet are old hands and even people like Donald Trump and Theresa May did not have the experience to do their present jobs.