RM13.7b supplementary bill tabled

KUALA LUMPUR: Putrajaya has tabled a RM13.7 billion supplementary supply bill for additional spending for the first half of the year.

The bill was tabled by Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin for first reading today. Of the figure, the largest amount was spent by the Treasury General Services (RM11.2 billion).

This was followed by the Ministry of Works (RM445.8 million) and the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (RM404 million).

The Election Commission was allocated RM360 million, while the smallest was the Ministry of Transport at RM2 million.

According to notes on the matter, the more interesting costs were further detailed as:

  • The Election Commission’s (RM360 million) costs were for the readying and management of the 13th General Election.
  • Under the Prime Minister’s Department (RM112.9 million), as much as RM30 million was spent on operational costs for a National Branding Unit programme.
  • RM12.9m was also spent under this area to maintain the Royal Palace along Jalan Duta.
  • Under Treasury General Services (RM11.2 billion), as much as RM7.465 billion was allocated for subsidy payment claims on petroleum products.
  • In this area, another further RM3.288 billion was spent to accomodate “additional requirements” for emoluments for the increase of wages from 7% to 13%.
  • For the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, a total of RM367 million was allocated for 2012’s sugar subsidy.
  • At the same time, RM37 million was allocated for flour subsidies because of the increase in price in the global market.
  • For the Works Ministry, RM425.8 million was spent on toll compensation.
  • Under the Ministry of Home Affairs (RM353.5 million), RM270 million was allocated for security details during the coming 13th General Elections.
  • This was divided into RM150m for the police and RM120m for RELA (Malaysian Volunteers Corp).
  • A further RM62 million was spent to bear the costs of the increase of RELA volunteer allowances from RM4.80 to RM6.80.