Archived: Husband beats, suffocates pregnant wife

PETALING JAYA: In a desperate bid to stand up for herself, a bruised and battered 19-year-old has turned to Facebook to share CCTV footages of herself being beaten relentlessly by her husband at a boutique in Ipoh.

“I am Amanda Fong Kim Yen, I’m 19 years old & I’m two months+ pregnant with Calvin Chik Foo Keong’s baby & I’m standing up for myself now,” the young woman wrote on her Facebook profile page at

“I would like to share my experience with all of you out there how abusive my husband is by beating me up terribly & he had been torturing me.”

The first video Fong uploaded on Aug 30 is almost 12 minutes long and depicts a man hitting, wrestling and throwing a girl around a shop for nearly the whole duration of the clip.

The silent footage, which an unknown user had also uploaded yesterday on YouTube , shows the petite, slender girl struggling and attempting to fight back.

But she is easily overpowered by the man, who is a head taller than her.

At one point, he can be seen stripping off his shirt, before proceeding to shove her onto a recliner and apparently smothering her with the shirt for several seconds.

“As you can see in this video he wouldn’t let me out from the shop even I went to press the door access,” Fong wrote in her post.

“He has put me under tremendous pressure, hurt, pain and & suffering. I cannot endure it anymore longer. I’m very tired of living this miserable life.

“I have been accused, suffered from humiliation, physically & mentally anguished.”

Relentless beating

According to the time stamp on the video, the scene took place on Aug 23 at 5.08pm. The boutique is owned by the couple.

The next day, Fong uploaded a second video which revealed a scene that took place an hour after the first ended.

Also over 11 minutes long, the clip, which is available on YouTube at depicts the same man working alone behind the counter for a minute.

However, once the girl comes into the room, the couple quarrel and the relentless beating continues, only far more brutal.

“This is the second session after I came out from the toilet after vomiting,” Fong explained on her page.

“As you can see in this video again, he wouldn’t allow me to exit my shop & he snatched my phone to prevent me calling my mother and even beat me with the phone.”

But towards the end of the video, a woman Fong identified as her mother is seen entering the shop. The two hug and the older woman whisks the younger away, while the man stands by and watches.

“My mom had really saved my life, if it wasn’t for her…. I wouldn’t be here anymore,” wrote Fong.

‘You are so heartless’

In her most recent post, written at around 4pm today, Fong announced that she is slowly recovering from the wounds and injuries her husband caused.

“But whenever you see me, there will be scars all over my arms. I just hope things are coming into the right place,” she wrote in a post that received 191 likes so far and a slew of supportive comments.


Fong had previously uploaded 24 photos of the bruises and scars on her arms, shoulders, legs and around her collar bone. The photo album “Is this even called love when you are even becoming a dad” has over 2,000 shares.

But despite the fact that Fong appears to be safe now, the drama online has not abated.

Her husband Calvin Chik Foo Keong also has a Facebook profile
( which is flooded with comments by
furious users calling for his arrest and throwing around labels such as “stupid abuser” and “mad monster”.

“I could not even bear to watch without breaking into tears! How could you do such a thing!??? All I can say is. Heartless, you are so HEARTLESS,” wrote Facebook user who wanted to known as JC.

“I dunno you too, but watching the video makes me hardly describe how angry I am to a monster like you,” wrote another user by the name Mic Chew.

Despite the onslaught of furious comments, Chik has not defended himself nor denied his actions on his Facebook profile, preferring instead to accuse Fong’s mother of abusing Fong since she was 15.

Meanwhile, commenters on the Facebook page of the couple’s boutique ( are expressing disgust at both Fong and Chik.

“Amanda… you real sohai disgrace us woman, next time use your eyes to pick a good lou kung instead of sacrifice your [expletive] for a rich [expletive] who beats woman,” Coco Ping wrote.

“Overall I agree with most people you chimpanzees along those social retards are a disgrace to the world,” wrote Timothy Wong.