Perkasa vs Suaram: Of demons and lies

PETALING JAYA: An article published on the Perkasa website has condemned Suaram as a thick-skinned manufacturer of fabrications while at the same time launched a salvo against its so-called demonic funders, the Zionists and George Soros, and their nefarious agenda.

Described as an opposition-infiltrated NGO, Suaram was also accused of orchestrating a mission towards regime change in this nation under the guise of championing human rights.

The article was responding to French government prosecutor Yves Charpenel who told Bernama that there was no ongoing trial in France with regard to the controversial Scorpene submarine deal.

He said that the matter was still being probed by two French judges.

“I am aware about all the fuss kicked up by certain media [organisations] in Malaysia over this matter but what I can say is that this is nothing more than a trial by the media,” he had added.

In an immediate reaction, Suaram’s lawyer William Bourdon said that there had never been a question of an ongoing trial as the investigating judges were still continuing their inquiry.

“The Tribunal deGrande Instance has convened a criminal inquiry of which Suaram has been accepted as a civil party since March 2012. Upon completion of the inquiry, the investigating judges will make the decision of whether the case goes to full trial,” he had explained.

The Perkasa article, however, claimed that Charpenal’s statement could be considered as the full-stop for Suaram’s web of deceit.

“Despite faltering numerous times, the thick-skinned Suaram will issue denials and is not ashamed to face the media, and the people of Malaysia, continuing with their lies and charades.

“Perhaps because Suaram has received enormous [foreign] funds, it has no choice but to continue peddling lies with the hope that Malaysia’s Islamic government will eventually collapse,” it read.

The article also noted that Charpenel had said that the investigating judges had no right to conduct cross-border probes or interrogations.

Launching a regime change mission

It pointed out that Suaram had, however, claimed in the past that a trial was underway and certain high-profile figures could be slapped with subpoenas as well as released documents in the French language purportedly as evidence to substantiate its accusations.

“This proves how low are the characters of those who are behind Suaram, which calls itself a defender of human rights.

“It is as if Suaram has made a fool of everyone and spat on their faces with its willingness to lie in order to fulfil the agenda of the ‘syaitan’ [demon] which brings destruction through war and murder with the help of another ‘syaitan’ which manipulates the world’s currency market,” it read.

In line with the “arrogance of the Zionist and Soros”, the article said that Suaram had also shown disrespect towards the Malaysian and French governments.

Even now with Charpenel’s statement, according to the article, the opposition refused to accept the fact that their lies had hit a brick wall.

“On the contrary, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is attempting to bring in [Suaram’s lawyer] Bourdon into the country…

“The attempt strengthens the fact that Suaram and the opposition are not championing human rights but are in the midst of launching a ‘regime change’ mission for Soros and the Jews to conquer the world through a strategy of unbridled lies,” it claimed.

The Scorpene submarine contract continued to be a thorn in the flesh for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who was serving as the defence minister when the deal was inked.

Apart from allegations of corruption, the deal had also been linked to the gruesome murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Despite Najib’s repeated denials of any wrongdoing on his part, the issue remained a potent weapon in the opposition’s arsenal.