Archived: BN buying votes with rice, noodles, eggs?

TAWAU: There are no festivities around the corner to explain the windfall for some residents living in Sri Tanjung here.

Opposition Sabah Progressive Peoples Party (SAPP) claims it has received complaints from those who were not included in the special handout by a group of unknown individuals going around giving RM50, rice, instant noodles and eggs to residents in Sri Tanjung constituency.

Tawau incumbent MP Chua Soon Bui said the “special aid” came to light when some of those living in the area complained they had not been given the government handout which they claimed were 1Malaysia aid.

Chua said she was not aware of any extra 1Malaysia aid being given out, part of a nationwide cash dispensing machine for those earning below RM3,000.

“I am told that the cash and goods have been distributed at Taman Tawau Garden, Taman Wira, Taman Hua Li and Taman Da Hua 4 so far.

“I want those responsible for the distribution to clarify whether it is for everyone or just the Chinese community as some did not receive it,” she said.

Chua said if the contribution was from Barisan Nasional, then everyone should receive it and not just a selected section of the community.

“At the moment, we have no way to clarify whether it is for everyone or the poor or senior citizens. I hope those responsible will come forward and clear the air as people are asking where to get the aid. It is even already in Facebook,” she said.

People should not be given unequal treatment, se added.

Chua also claimed that she had received reports that there was also a group going around giving a few hundred ringgit and taking people’s MyKads.

“The MyKads will be given back after the polling day. What is the purpose of this?

“I advise the people not to give their MyKads and, if I find out who is doing this, I will personally make a police report as it is against the law to be in possession of someone else’s MyKad,” she said.

Chua said registered voters should be very careful as their MyKads could be used to borrow money from loan sharks and sold to others.

Chua also hoped that voters would not bow to pressure from these groups who threatened to stop the welfare aid if they voted for the opposition.