Archived: Chang: ‘Deity’ Penang CM could do no wrong

GEORGE TOWN: Gerakan acting president Chang Ko Youn labelled Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as the infallible “tokong” or deity who does not do wrong despite abundance of evidence to prove his wrongdoing.

In his keynote address at today at the opening of the state Gerakan annual delegates’ conference at its headquarters here today, Chang added that since the DAP took power in Penang in the 2008 general election, Lim had emerged as the most popular politician among developers.

He said this was so because Lim’s policies only served the developers as well as the rich and connected while neglecting the poor and that, Lim was in a way a dictator as he makes decision without consulting his executive councillors, state development committee (SPC) and local government.

Chang cited the rise in build-up density and over-supply of high-end development to support his comment that Lim was popular with the developers due to his flexibility in adjusting policies to meet the needs and demands of developers.

Chang said the previous Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was unpopular because of his rigid applicationon development laws, which among others protected Penang Hill from destructive development.

The acting president also took a swipe at Lim by saying if, “Lim was the type of Chief Minister that Penangites wanted.”

Chang rebuked Lim for embarking on a tunnel project that would compound congested island traffic problem and reminded Lim that the role of a chief minister was to bring positive development for the people not to bring about more problems.

Lim was also criticised for using his growing political clout to oust Barisan Nasional and not for the betterment of the people’s welfare with Chang also claiming that Penang’s growth had been retarded under the DAP-helmed Pakatan Rakyat state government for the last five years.

“Penang, when currently compared with other states, is badly lacking in positive developments and inflow of foreign direct investments (FDIs),” he said.

Chang concluded his speech with a tinge of humour by saying: “But I can’t talk much about him – then he will sue me. He will sue for just anything.”

This year’s delegates’ conference is a fiery one due to the intense competition for the chairman post between Teng Chang Yeow and lawyer Baljit Singh, who was the party’s state legal and human rights bureau chief.

The seat fell vacant after Dr Teng Hock Nan decided not to seek re-election.

Among those at the event were Gerakan vice-presidents Chia Kwang Chye and Dr Teng Hock Nan who is also state chairman; and secretary-general Teng Chang Yeow.